With the death of Creek's (Sarah Ramos) brother last episode, I thought that maybe we had got past the Midnight, Texas formula of a-new-villain-comes-to-town each week. Well, I guess we're not quite there yet. While I am enjoying the show thus far, I'm just wanting the story to move a little faster at this point towards our "veil-breaking" threat that is to come.

In any event, Joe (Jason Lewis) knew that using his angel powers last week would bring trouble for him to Midnight and unfortunately, he was correct. In this week's episode, Angel Heart, a fellow angel from his past named Bowie (Unreal's Breeda Wool) who had trained and fought alongside Joe in the last battle when the veil broke, has now fallen from heaven herself. She relished her duty of killing demons so much that her blood thirst got her kicked out of the order above. But why does she want to punish Joe so badly? We'll get back to that in a little while.


First off, you know we have to do the regular check in with Manfred (Francois Arnaud) and Creek and see how they're holding up. Creek is deciding to go back to work even though Manfred thinks she is rushing back too soon. She tells him the distraction will do her good, plus the fact that she has no family now will just cause her to sit around and wallow.

Over at the tattoo shop Chuy (Bernardo Saracino) has returned to his lover Joe, even though he was told to stay away because of what happened last week. But you know significant others don't often listen well. Chuy tells Joe that now that their friends know about him being an angel, they need to tell them everything. And that they need to ask for help for this war that is coming to Midnight.


When Bowie gets to Midnight, naturally the first place she goes to ask about Joe is the church. When the Rev. doesn't comply with her request she pushes him against a wall and uses her powers to read his memories. She then throws him across the room into a window, knocking him unconscious.

Now knowing where Joe lives she walks out of the church and heads right for the tattoo shop. What Bowie doesn't count on is Manfred seeing her come out of the church and making a straight line for the shop. He quickly calls Joe and warns him about an unusual visitor he has coming. When Bowie breaks down the door she tries to make an intimidating scream like a Viking warrior that comes off more like a children's bedtime story. Either way, it is all for naught as Joe and Chuy have escaped.


With this new threat in town, Joe and Chuy call all the Midnighters to Olivia's (Arielle Kebbel) place so they can discuss a plan of action. As Joe tells them about Bowie, it leads them to another secret he has. The main reason Bowie is after him is not just because he left the fold, but more so because she doesn't approve of his relationship with Chuy. Well, the instant assumption is because Chuy is a man, but turns out that he's actually a demon! Ohhhhhh. That makes sense then. So we have a couple that consists of an angel and a demon that has been together for centuries. Well done Midnight, Texas, that's very progressive thinking of you!


While the group is split on approving of this secret being kept from them they do realize they need to stop Bowie. Joe tells them that he is not strong enough to stop her on his own and Chuy although a demon, can't help either. It seems it's too hard for him to control his demon side if it gets out so that's not an option. So Manfred suggests that they use the mirror that is in his house to create a portal and push her into it, sending her to hell. Seems like we have a plan!

While they are preparing for this, Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley) and Bobo (Dylan Bruce) take a few minutes to have a talk, when Joe brings up how when Bowie reads their minds to discover their secrets, she will use them as weapons to her advantage. Fiji asks Bobo if he has any more secrets she needs to know and he responds with saying just how much he misses his family. Even though they're bad people he still misses the good parts of them. And then he proceeds to tell Fiji that he loves her, which expectedly shocks her and as she stares back at him she replies, "okay." Maybe not the best timing there Bobo.


Also in the pawn shop, Manfred is going through some of his "family heirlooms" when Joe comes up to him and asks him if he ever wonders why he ended up in Midnight at this point in time. Manfred attests it to bad luck while Joe tells him he thinks that it's fate. Joe proceeds to tell him about the prophecy and how "a man with the gift of vision" will lead them against the army of demons. Manfred is puzzled why he is being told all this, so Joe informs the medium that he thinks that leader is him. Manfred chuckles to himself and tells Joe that he has the wrong guy.

Before they can discuss this any further Manfred gets a call from who he thinks is Creek but ends up being Bowie. She is holding the entire diner hostage until Joe comes out to face her. If he does not then she will start killing everyone in there. Your move now Midnighters! Joe leads the group out as he stands in front of the diner and calls out Bowie to meet him. She comes out and tells him how she is now like him, a fallen angel because she couldn't stand the rules that came along with the territory anymore. She's angry with him, for leaving the order for some demon after she mentored him for so long.


While Joe is distracting her, Fiji is opening the portal in the mirror as Manfred awaits to run it into position. Finally, it's ready and Manfred sets it up as Lemuel (Peter Mensah) uses his speed to push Bowie into the portal. As she sails in the air towards the portal, it appears like it will work, until at the last second Bowie is able to blast the mirror with her powers and destroy it.

Manfred tries to call upon his ancestors' powers but Bowie is not amused. She takes him into the street and tries to embarrass him in front of Creek by telling her that he's a fraud. That even though he has psychic powers, he couldn't even tell her that her own brother was a killer. Damn, this bitch just brought up a good point. This is not helping Creek's healing process at all.


While Bowie is doing her grandstanding game, Joe slams right into her from the air and sends her all the way down the street! Unfortunately, this does nothing to hurt her as she sprouts her own wings and comes back to fight Joe. They tussle in the air for a bit and then end up crashing through the roof of the church, landing inside. This leads to one big fist fight between the two former friends as they battle about trading punch for punch. While this is all going on we keep seeing shots of Chuy who is trying to control his demon side from coming out even though he wants to help his partner.

As they continue to brawl, Bowie ends up being too much for Joe and throws him to the ground outside the church. As Bowie stands above him and decrees "Ever seen an angel die?" to the Midnighters who have gathered around but obviously feel helpless to intervene. She raises her hand, harnessing her power to deliver a death blow when all of a sudden we hear a growl in the distance. Chuy has succumbed to his inner monster and is in full demon mode. He rushes in and tackles Bowie down, as everyone else runs away. Alright, now we're really going to get a fight! Or so it would've been nice to see. After the briefest of moments, Chuy digs into the side of Bowie's neck ripping it out. Blood spurts from her mouth and then a supernatural explosion happens completely evaporating her form. We had this fallen angel that's supposed to be a huge threat mixed with a demon that is so powerful he can't even risk allowing out and then it's over in seconds?! I don't know if it's the show's budget or what, but color me disappointed.


And let's not forget about the crazy Chuy demon that's now running around that needs to be taken care of. Lemuel tries to stop it by leeching its essence, but all he gets is sick from the black demon blood and falls over. Manfred just tries running to lure it away from everyone, which only works because it gives time for Joe to recover. He uses his angel powers to calm it down and bring Chuy back to human form.

Later on back at Joe's place, he is talking to Manfred about how he really does think he's in Midnight for a reason. He cites how the man that was following Manfred is gone but he's still here. Manfred corrects him in that he's only still here because of his feeling for Creek. When he returns home Manfred finds Creek there waiting to talk. She tells him that he was right and she does need time to deal with the death of her brother. She needs time to figure out who she is and what she wants to do with her life. And she needs to be alone to figure these things out. We haven't even hit the finale and they're breaking up already? We lost Fiji and Bobo and now Manfred and Creek. A whole lot of love going out of Midnight.


So with that the last scene we get Manfred is driving his RV away from Midnight, as the episode came to a close on NBC. Grandmother Xylda (Joanne Camp) is trying to change his mind but he's ready to go. With Hightower gone and Creek breaking up with him, he's ready to bail because as he says "it's what I do." I think it's just plain and stupid because he finally found a place he belonged with his powers and he's turning his back on the town. How long until Manfred returns to Midnight? Who or what will make him come back?

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