I don't know why any group of punk-ass kids would think it's a good idea to try to go into the town of Midnight and cause some trouble but here we are! They even bring up how the town is known for its supernatural residents, but they still think they're badass enough to mess with Fiji's (Parisa Fitz-Henley) place and spray paint graffiti over the church. After Lemuel (Peter Mensah) makes an appearance and freaks them out, they run off in a hurry leaving one of their own Aerin (Barbie Robertson) behind in the latest episode of Midnight, Texas.

She decides to try to huff it back home herself and as she is walking in the middle of the highway (not very smart already) a random truck appears in the distance. She stops, hoping it will be her rescue but instead it speeds up and instead she is running for her life. In the oldest tradition around she falls down, so the truck stops. But as the driver gets out to approach her we never see who it is and the scene ends on this latest episode titled Blinded by the Light.


Next morning we find Rev. Emilio (Yul Vazquez) cleaning up the bug debris left by the crack in the veil at the end of last weeks episode. Fiji waking up to some demon leaving scratch marks on her leg while she was sleeping! And then, of course, our obligatory opening scene with Creek (Sarah Ramos) and Manfred (Francois Arnaud) being the cutesy couple in bed. Especially now that she has told her Dad and they don't need to sneak around. But it's not all "waking up to roses" for Manfred as he keeps seeing more and more spirits in Midnight and it's giving him some nasty headaches.

Creek takes Manfred to get food but she does also have to work. While she's there her annoying brother Connor (John Paul Howard) shows up and complains to her how he's having to cover her job at the gas station since she decided to get with the "town con man." She notices a large bruise on his arm and when she asks him if their dad did it, he tells her it's not important. Howard has the perfect snotty, teenage act down perfectly and the character drives me nuts.


One of the kids from the night before shows up and tells Manfred and the Reverend about their friend Aerin who didn't come home last night, so they're worried about her. Takes some big balls to come back to the people whose property you damaged and ask for help. But in spite of this, they take this news to their fellow resident Midnighters and decide to split up into pairs to try and find her.

They don't find any trace of Aerin but they do find a body, and it's a random "blast from the past." Back in Episode 3, Lemuel had some vampire friends visit the town and they had a "groupie" named Tiffany (Eve Kozikowski) who they were using to feed off of. We ended up seeing her meet her fate at the end of the episode from a mysterious shadowed figure in a truck. Well, now that has come full circle! Manfred tries to use his abilities to tap her memories but her spirit has already moved on. Bobo (Dylan Bruce) deduces that whoever did this also killed Aubrey, because it's the same style. And since he knows neither he or Lowry did it, the killer is still out there.


Back in town, the Reverend is having words with Joe (Jason Lewis) over the fact that he is withholding the information about the veil breaking. Manfred is seeing spirits everywhere and Fiji has a demon sneaking into her sleep so they are at wit's end and don't know why. Joe informs him that if his identity of being a fallen angel gets out they are all in trouble, so he needs to keep his secret.

Creek and Manfred head to her house because she feels the need to check in on Connor with everything going on. While she is looking for him out back Manfred comes across her Dad (Bob Jesser) in the living room, and when he makes a comment about the old man being drunk he gets punched in the face. Creek rushes in and scolds her father for this and he just tells her to get him out of there. Can't wait to see how the wedding goes! While they are back on the streets Manfred spies a person off in the distance and it ends up being Connor wandering aimlessly about!


They take him inside, and he tells them he was out looking for the missing girl when someone hit him from behind. Now all the Midnighters have reconvened, and are trying to figure out if the threat is human or supernatural. The Reverend shows up in civilian clothes and tells everyone he has a big secret to share. He reveals all the information about the veil fraying and that Midnight is poised for being the portal for hell to come over. Suffice to say that's a lot to take in at one sitting!

Lemuel and Manfred decide to venture out to where Connor got hit and while out there Lem picks up the smell of blood. They follow it and all of a sudden they come across Creek's dad holding onto Aerin's body! Lem quickly subdues the dad and Manfred checks in on Aerin who is alive. This would've been a great time for Manfred to punch him back in the face.


The Midnighters hold the dad captive as they decide what to do with him. They have come to the conclusion that he must be responsible for Aubrey and Tiffany's deaths as well. As they continually question him to force a confession, I do find it strange that the dad is saying absolutely nothing in his defense.

Since he won't talk Manfred decides to go to Creek's home and try to get any information from the spirits of the dead girls her dad has supposedly killed. When he's inside the house, he hears the screams of spirits coming out of Connor's room. Following their sounds, he discovers a box, underneath the floor, with the same skull mask he saw when he was revisiting Aubrey's memories of her murder. The light bulb goes off in his head instantly. Manfred takes a picture of Connor and shows it to Aerin, who confirms that's he, in fact, attacked her. Surprise, surprise the little whiny shit is a killer!


But the problem is that Creek is with Connor, and while she still thinks her dad is the killer he convinces her to leave Midnight with him. While the Midnighters all try to figure out where he could be taking Creek, Manfred in his frustration says he's just going to start driving any direction. When Bobo joins his idea and says he'll take another direction, Joe realizes what he must do. He takes off his shirt and reveals to them his angel wings. He tells them he can cover more ground from the air. All of their faces are left in stunned amazement as he flies off.

As Creek continues to discuss their father, Connor continually keeps defending his actions and she slowly realizes that her brother is, in fact, the killer. Unfortunately, she is stuck in a moving vehicle but Joe finds them and lands in front, stopping the car with his "heavenly" powers. As Joe consoles Creek, Connor runs off to try to make an escape but, Lemuel catches up to him and snaps his neck ending his killing days.


Back in Midnight, Creek confronts her dad and tells him how guilty she feels because he was such an absentee father that she made Connor her responsibility. She goes to say she wants nothing to with him anymore after he stood by and knew what was happening. But who's going to run the Gas & Go? Maybe will find out next week on NBC.

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