At the end of last week's Midnight, Texas episode, we saw Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley) and Bobo (Dylan Bruce) finally cross the friendship line and embrace in a long and gushy kiss. How nice and sweet to see two people who have such strong feelings for each other take their relationship to a new level. Well, don't get too used to it kids because the beginning of this one titled Unearthed wastes no time in breaking up their happiness!

The most annoying biker gang the Sons of Lucifer show up and throw a Molotov cocktail through the pawn shop window which sets the place on fire. While it was possible they did this as a way to threaten Bobo, it turns out that it was nothing but a distraction so they could kidnap Fiji. Now the funny thing is how he learns of this is from Fiji's...Cat. Yes, the talking feline himself Mr. Snuggly introduces himself to Bobo and informs him of what happened while they were putting out the fire. The cat is pretty silly, a talking one is taking it even one step further.

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But this Midnight Texas has already shown it's got quite the collection of weird characters so in some ways he fits. I just don't want to see any instance where the cat "saves the day." Anyway, in typical ransom fashion, the head of the biker gang Peter Lowry (Evan Jones) calls Bobo and demands he bring him weapons and money. Just what a wild bunch of white supremacists don't need is lots of guns.

Also, that morning Manfred (Francois Arnaud) had woke up to a little present from the man that has been following him since the beginning of the show named Hightower (Hell on Wheels' Christopher Heyerdahl). He left a note for Manfred to meet him later but he's thinking more of Plan B which is to pack up and run. He talks to Creek (Sarah Ramos) to try and convince her to come with him but she can't leave her family behind. She tells him he doesn't need to run unless that's what he really wants to do. As she stares back at him, Manfred realizes that this time he has too much to lose by leaving. He decides to sell a whole bunch of his family's heirlooms to Bobo for a large sum of money so that he can give it to Hightower and he'll go away. Like it will be THAT easy.

Manfred heads over to the meeting place but is startled from behind when Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) shows up. She tells him that Creek told her about his situation and asked her to go so he would have some backup. When they do come upon Hightower he's in a room and has brought the corpse of his dead daughter with him? Apparently, his daughter and Manfred were supposed to be married but he left her at the altar. While that is pretty shitty of him the point is to give him the money but Hightower isn't interested in it. He uses his telekinesis powers to take their guns and use them against them. As Olivia brings up Manfred should've mentioned the guy had powers. Thankfully they make it out of the building and high tail it out of there.

Back at Manfred's trailer (funny how little time he actually spends in his house), he tells Creek and Olivia the story of how he and his grandmother Xylda (Joanne Camp) ran a grift on Hightower and fooled him into paying money to have his daughter marry him to gain special powers. But when he paid them on the day of the wedding they left right as the ceremony was starting. A few weeks later Hightower's daughter Violet (Sarah Minnich) killed herself and he has been on the revenge game ever since. So actually we really shouldn't be feeling that sorry for Manfred in all this?

Later on, Olivia and Manfred lure Hightower into a hotel room and trap him so they can reason with him. Manfred tries to tell Hightower how they still didn't get away with anything because Xylda got sick with cancer later on and they spent all the money on medical bills. This is but a small consolation to Hightower so in an effort to try to give him closure Manfred offers to use his powers to help him speak to Violet one last time.

While these three are dealing with that problem let's not forget Project: Save Fiji! With the fact that they bombed the pawn shop while Olivia was in there and put her life in danger this brought Lemuel (Peter Mensah) into the mix because now they threatened the wrong woman. Remember that hatch door Bobo checked was closed last week? We find out that it's a room full of weapons that he had taken from his wealthy, white supremacist parents so they couldn't use it all. Somehow the word got out that he had the stash and Lowry used Aubrey to get close to Bobo so she could know where he was hiding it all.

Damn Bobo got fooled for love, lost his love, and now these guys are still bothering him? They load up a van with all the goods and with Lemuel hiding underneath drive right into the Sons of Lucifer camp. Unfortunately for Bobo, he has to play possum because he needs to find out where they are holding Fiji and in the process gets his ass kicked by the gang members because they want to take some cheap shots. Lowry then takes his beaten nemesis and puts him in the same container as Fiji. But that's enough as he blames Bobo for Aubrey's death so he wants to ruin what he has with Fiji as well. Lowry tells Fiji how Bobo comes from a family line of white supremacists and that he's been a part of a bombing of a church in Atlanta. While Bobo tells Fiji not to listen to anything he is telling her you can see on her face the words are having some effect. Lowry leaves them locked away but the Sons of Lucifer are not aware of his secret weapon in Lemuel who quickly takes out the gang members even if he does get shot up some in the process.

Lemuel frees his friends but just as they are getting ready to leave Lowry appears out of nowhere and starts a fight with Bobo. Somehow the head bad guy is always the last one standing! They scuffle back and forth and Lowry tries to stab him with a knife but in the end, Bobo overpowers him and stabs him with his own knife. We can't have the Nazi lover winning now, can we? Bobo throws a grenade and destroys the stockpile of weapons which unfortunately begs the question if the stockpile meant so little to him why did he hang onto it for so long? And why did Lowry keep accusing Bobo of killing Aubrey when we've been lead to believe it was him this whole time?

We return to the warehouse where Manfred is contacting Violet's spirit in hopes of finally paying his debt back to Hightower. While the fact that her dad brought her corpse is still the weirdest thing ever Manfred calls her spirit and apologizes to Violet for leaving her at the altar. While she still isn't happy with what Manfred did she is more angry with her father for using her to get what he wanted. We learn that Violet has some serious father issues with the fact that he used her every time it was to his advantage and never cared what she what she wanted in life.

When Manfred won't relay any of this information to Hightower because he doesn't want to upset him she enters his body herself and gives her father all the pent up emotions she never got to tell him. Even though he tries to apologize for what he did it's not enough and Violet tries to choke the life out of her dad using Manfred's body. It takes a lot of effort but Manfred is able to push her spirit back out of his body and save Hightower's life. Thinking he did the right thing this surprising revelation from his daughter is too much for Hightower and he uses his telekinesis to take his own life by stabbing himself with dozens of glass shards from the windows.

In the end, we get a great emotional moment from Olivia when she scolds Lemuel for running off to play hero and he takes pleasure in knowing that she cares enough about him to worry. Bobo explains to Fiji how he never participated in the bombing of the church and that he cut ties off from his family when he knew what they were all about. While she believes him she still needs time to deal with what she's learned about him.

Creek comes over to Manfred's place and tells him that she finally told her dad that they were together and he's just going to have to deal with it since she's an adult and can do whatever she wants. So two relationships are going strong while one other is in limbo. But what about that veil that is cracking underneath Midnight and getting worse? I'm sure we'll get an update next week on Midnight, Texas!

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