Remember the pretty blonde girl who ate an unsuspecting driver at the end of Midnight, Texas Episode 3? Well, let's join that action currently back in progress as we check in on a random guy driving his Cadillac on a deserted road, lying on the phone about stealing his father's Rolex watch in the latest episode Sexy Beast. As he looks over and sees our same blonde girl sitting on a bench by herself, he decides it's in his best interest to go talk to her. Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, we KNOW this is a TV show, but this has got to be one of the dumbest men alive to bother and stop to talk to this woman. But it's more fun for us that he decides to offer her a ride and after a small drive, she gets him to pull over for the nice surprise of eating him! Hooray for dumb thieves who deserve bad karma.

Back over in our city of Midnight at the pawn shop, Bobo (Dylan Bruce) is telling Fiji (Parisa Fitz- Henley) how upset he is after reading the newspaper on how the cops are doing nothing about apprehending who killed the sheriff, when he knows it was Aubrey's ex -husband Lowry. He starts thinking of doing something about it himself, but Fiji reminds him that any drama he brings up will bring attention to their town, which affects everyone. Solid reasoning Fiji! While Bobo is still, there a woman comes in asking about if someone had recently pawned a Rolex watch there. Turns out it was her brother Ted (Kenneth Miller). So Bobo sends her over to Manfred (Francois Arnaud) to help track him down.

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Manfred is currently stressing out, since his off-screen problem of the man knows as "Hightower" is still hot on his trail. He initially declines to help the woman, but she offers him $5K. And with "Hightower" wanting his money, he happily accepts. Manfred does his thing and gets in contact with Ted's spirit (since now he's worm food), which tells him about the blonde at the rest stop who also took his Caddy. After visiting a couple of strip clubs to try to find her, he finds the rest stop with Ted's Caddy out front, and when he goes inside, she's already finished making the meal of another victim. When she notices Manfred, she senses the "bad" in him and goes to attack him. Luckily, he escapes and heads back to town for reinforcements.

We've been told about Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) and her job as an assassin, but we have yet to see her in action. Wearing a fake wig and sunglasses, she corners a man in an elevator at a hotel, who embezzled a lot of money from some people and they want him to pay with his life over it. When the man tries to defend his actions with it only being over money, she states, "It's only money because you have some." Very good point. They are making a lot of good sense in this episode! As she is leaving, she spies a man that is following her, and when she tries to question him, he gives her the runaround and denies her allegation, so she knocks him out to take him back to Midnight. When she returns, she asks Lemuel (Peter Mensah) to, "help bring her things up". And as he opens the door and sees the man tied up, he just chuckles at his badass girlfriend.

Once upstairs, she does her own form of water torture and gets Ross (Eli Goodman, we get a name!) to reveal that her father hired him to find her. He claims that her father wants to know how she's doing, since she won't respond to any of his attempts to contact her. This works her up into such an emotional state that she has to have Lemuel drain the painful energy out of her to feel better. I have to say, that is an amazing option to have to get rid of unwanted stress.

Over at Bobo's place, he is just getting home before he heads over to Fiji's for dinner when he discovers his entire place has been trashed and there is a giant red swastika on the wall. He quickly darts outside and checks a hatch underneath his truck that is still locked. This man has some secrets locked away that we haven't seen yet, but for now, he's pissed and going to pay a visit to the Sons of Lucifer. He calls and cancels on Fiji, who has been sitting at home waiting for him with her talking cat, which I've been scratching my head on what that pet relationship is all about. But lucky for Fiji, Manfred shows up and says he needs her help.

Manfred gets a Midnight Council meeting going to address this new visitor, and Lemuel deduces that it is a succubus which puts on a false attractive appearance to lure its prey in. So Fiji comes up with a potion that will be able to strip away the creature's glamour, and keep it from being able to attract prey. But according to Joe (Jason Lewis), the way to stop it is dragon's breath. To which, they all look around at each other and are clueless on where to get that. But first things first, they need to find it so our merry group also adds Olivia to the team and heads out for the local Texan hot spot in hopes to find it/her/ whatever.

Once inside the bar, they all spread out and Fiji sees Bobo is there as he walks into a back room. Upset with him lying to her, she follows Bobo and discovers him getting into a fight with one of the Sons of Lucifer because he is asking about Lowry. The member calls him a traitor for turning his back on his race to live with the Midnighters. She intervenes as Bobo is about to stab the member and tells him it's time to leave. I can't tell if Fiji is more upset because he lied to her or because of the murder he was just about to commit but the pain on her face is a true sign of the feelings she has for him. He feels all flattered that she came down to bail him out but she squashes his ego with telling him that they're looking for the succubus. You just got checked there, Bobo.

With no success in locating the succubus so far, Creek (Sarah Ramos) notices her little brother Connor (John-Paul Howard) trying to get into the club under a fake ID. She takes him outside to tell him to go home and that's when luck would have it that she sees the succubus trying to trick another victim. Before she acts, she calls Manfred and alerts him that she found the succubus, then quickly approaches her spraying Fiji's potion in the creature's face. As her disguise already starts to alter Lemuel shows up and whisks her way so as not to be discovered by the public.

They take her to the woods where they surround her and watch the potion take full effect as her real demonic self takes over. Knowing that she is outnumbered the succubus runs away and instead goes after Connor who was observing from afar. What the hell is he doing there?! Never underestimate the naïve younger sibling who doesn't listen to their older brother/sister who is looking out for them. I have to give credit to the special effects team that made the succubus a very disturbing monster to watch. Whether it was scampering along the ground or doing the moonwalk from the Exorcist I would've been running as well!

Just as it captures Connor and is about to make him a snack Manfred shows up with a propane tank and uses his own version of dragon's breath to turn the creature to ash. While a win is good in this instance I am disappointed that we had almost all of the main characters in this scene and only two of them really participated. I would've enjoyed more of a fight from the creature to show our friends in action.

Back at her home Olivia still has to deal with the guy in her tub. She decides to let him go but only so that he can deliver the message to her father to stop sending men to find her or she will kill the next one. We learn that Olivia as a child was sold to men for sex because the woman she lived with had a drug problem and needed the money for her habit. Well, I think that about explains her attitude and profession perfectly. After she lets Ross go, Lemuel comforts her and apologizes for the men that did terrible things to her. She dismisses it but thanks him for saving her which goes to show why these two have such a strong and loving bond.

Finally the next day over at Fiji's house Bobo makes a visit and thanks her for all the times she's saved him. She tells him of course because he's her friend and he asks her if that's all she wants THIS to be? Well, we know what her answer to that will be as she goes right up to him and they kiss. Hallelujah more romance in Midnight! I can't wait until NBC airs the next episode.

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