One of the things that I'm liking about Midnight, Texas so far is the lack of downtime for the characters. At the beginning of episode two, they jumped right into dealing with Bobo (Dylan Bruce) getting arrested from the end of episode one. Now with episode three, Lemuel, Unchained, we are given a brief scene to show that Manfred (Francois Arnaud) and Creek (Sarah Ramos) have taken that kiss at the end of last week and turned it into a secret relationship so her overprotective father doesn't find out about them. But before she can even get out of ear shot of his place a new group has just come into town on a bus, and their leader decides to introduce himself and his fangs to Creek.

But before it gets bloody Lemuel (Peter Mensah) intervenes and throws the attacker to the ground. As he's about to strike him down he realizes he knows the face, it's an old vampire friend of his named Zachariah (Fargo's Zahn McClarnon). Okay everyone, move it along! Nothing to see here. Just a shady group of vampires that are probably here to kill us. C'mon, you know that's what it is. Anytime an "old friend" stops by to say hello it never goes well. And by the looks on the faces of the residents of Midnight, they would agree with me. But let's see what happens anyway.

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As Lemuel tells Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) many, many, years ago he was a slave on a plantation and he couldn't take the abuse by his owners any longer so he escaped and fled out into the unknown world. He came upon Zach in the plains and asked for his help to grant him freedom. Zach obliged Lemuel by freeing him of his mortality and turned him into a vampire. With his new power and strength, Lemuel and Zach returned to his former owners and ripped into them with terrible vengeance killing all in the name of the suffering he and others had been through. Now he was part of Zach's family and they would all travel together for many years but coming from the hard subservient life of a slave all the killing of humans in the name of survival just never sat well with Lemuel. One day he was given a gypsy girl to feed on and it turned out to be Manfred's grandmother Xylda (played in this time by Mia Stallard).

She sensed his unhappiness and offered to change his life where he does not need to feed on human blood anymore but instead would be given the power to take life energy from others. He takes her offer but to the huge disapproval of Zach and his partner Pia (Odelya Halevi) who have held this resentment towards Lemuel for all these years. I guess Zach was pretty jealous of Lemuels' upgrade in power but I hardly feel sorry for a guy that actually enjoys selfishly killing people. When Lemuel tells Zach how the people of Midnight are his family now and that they have to leave, he passes it off like it doesn't affect him. Zach offers Lemuel one last drink of blood as a toast to their friendship. Lemuel takes the shot down while Zach does not, and as soon as that giant smirk appears on his face we know things have just gone bad. As Lemuel falls to the ground in pain Olivia knows her instincts had been right and after a quick leg sweep and stab with her boot heel she kills Pia and flees the scene. Obviously, Zach's ruse is up and he orders his gang to kill all the townspeople.

During all this that had been going on in the hotel, Manfred and the others had been planning for this exact instance and have gathered most of the residents in the church for safety. But they have to get rid of these mother suckers somehow, right? Leave it to Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley) and Bobo to find a way to harness the sunlight through a gem and shoot it as a weapon. The only problem is they need a much larger beam to get them all at once. Manfred comes up with the plan of luring them all out into the open because he knows Zach wants the same power that Lemuel has.

So he baits him with saying that he's Xylda's grandson and he can grant him the same power. Well, thankfully greed is always a reliable flaw in villains because Zach and his crew fall for the trick and leave themselves exposed in the center of town so that Joe (Jason Lewis) is able to harness enough supernatural energy and blast all the vamps to dust. With that threat taken care of Olivia runs over to the hotel and frees Lemuel from his shackles.

Now with the sun coming up and the vampires gone the townspeople leave the church to go back to their homes. Manfred approaches Joe and asks him how he was able to get the light in the tower to destroy the vamps and he lies and tells him he "snuck in." Joe thanks him for putting his life on the line for the town, but it's even more interesting how he is fascinated with Manfred because of the prophecy of the army needing a leader to combat the evil that will come when the veil under Midnight tears.

In an earlier scene, Joe revealed to Rev. Emilio (Yul Vazquez) that he's a fallen angel and tells him about the upcoming threat of evil to plague the town. He doesn't know if he will be around when it happens but, he says someone needs to know the story in case.

I like this ongoing plotline, but I just wonder if the veil doesn't tear, is the end of this season still going to be just as interesting? Talking up a big event like this it almost has to happen. See you all next week when on NBC, as we see at the very end of this episode, we have another supernatural monster on its way to our friends at Midnight, Texas.

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