When we left Manfred (Francois Arnaud) at the end of the Midnight, Texas premiere, he was heading back to his house to settle in, but saw all the shadows of his residential spirits dancing in the windows and decided to sleep it off in his RV. The best part about that is it gives us, the viewer, another conversation between him and his Granny Xylda (Joanne Camp), who I just find fun as all hell (pardon the pun). In just the smallest of instances, Xylda brings a spark to her senior self instead of being some old and wise stereotype. In this scene, she tells Manfred how he needs to stop hiding from the people of the town and realize they are his allies. That he can trust them with his true self.

But moving past that into episode two, titled Bad Moon Rising, several of our residents of the town, Olivia (Arielle Kebbel), Lemuel (Peter Mensah), Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley), Rev. Emilio (YulVazquez), and Joe (Jason Lewis), all are discussing how to deal with Bobo's (Dylan Bruce) arrest by the cops earlier for supposedly killing his wife Aubrey (Shannon Lorance). Enter Manfred who suggests he thinks he can help if he can get Aubrey's ghost to give him some information about what happened to her.

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So with the help of Fiji and Joe they head back to his spirit sanctum and he lets her spirit possess his body so he can see her memories. When she enters his body, which looks like the most painful beer bong done at a frat party, he discovers that she was in fact murdered by a member of the gang Sons of Lucifer. With this new information, Manfred and Joe head over to the police station to tell Sheriff Livingstone (Sean Bridgers) so he will start to look for new evidence. While the Sheriff does the usual I-don't-know-if-I- should-believe-in-supernatural-psychics bit he gives in and makes the call to his people to start combing the river for clues. While his friends are trying to bail him out, Bobo is having to deal with Officer Gomez (Lora Martinez-Cunningham) wanting to make his life miserable when she locks him in a room with several Sons of Lucifer gang members.

She thought she was really ending his fate, but instead Bobo just channels his inner Jason Bourne and takes them all out in a flurry of flying fists. After this stunt that she pulls, Livingstone is not happy with her actions and suspends her with the always authoritative "effective immediately."

The fun thing about ensemble casts is getting to see what secrets each character has locked in their closet. In this episode we discover that the Reverend has to be locked in the cellar every full moon because he turns into (wait for it) a Weretiger! So at least not the predictable werewolf but something a little more exotic. The way we discover this is because Officer Gomez, who is all upset and pouty, decides it's a good idea to wander around the town of Midnight and look for ways to redeem herself. For someone who claims she's grown up in this area her whole life, shouldn't she know better than to unlock the Reverends cellar door and walk downstairs? Apparently not because she ends up getting ripped to death by the WereTiger and in a possibly ironic act lets the best loose on the town.

Back over at Manfred's place, Fiji is taking on the task of exorcising all the demons that have taken residency there. But as she begins, she feels it's better if she handles it alone. Soooo in a wonderfully coincidental turn of events (wink wink), Manfred heads out on the town and discovers Gomez's body hanging from a tree. I bet he wishes he would've stayed back with the ghosts now. He stops by the diner to warn Madonna (Kellee Stewart) and the people inside but then immediately also thinks of where Creek (Sarah Ramos) is. He runs over to her dad's gas station and sure enough the tiger shows up and decides to take a good swipe at him leaving some good sized gashes in his side. After a brief chase, they hole up in his RV for safety and are thankfully saved by Olivia and Lemuel who scare the tiger off.

As he's being attended to his wounds at Madonna's place, Manfred notices all the spectacle going over at his house. Oh that's right, in our WereTiger craziness we forgot about Fiji! Manfred enters the house and she tells him how his house is all spirit free. Of course she spoke too soon and they realize there's still one more rumbling underneath the floorboards that growls "Fiji. I want you." Well before Manfred can react to the doom and gloom he is thrown out of the house by the power of the creature. He fights his way back in, but while the spirit/demon thing has her in its "grasp", Manfred realizes he needs some extra juice to take this one down.

So he runs into his RV and gets his great (x 4) grandmother's skull that has great mystic powers. With that he returns to the house and with calling upon the power of his ancestors makes a polarizing blast that sends the demon back where it came. I'm sure this was supposed to be a really fantastic dramatic moment but with it being only episode 2 I honestly never thought Fiji was in any danger. But still cool to see that Manfred actually has more power than maybe we had possibly thought.

Now we can't forget about that poor Reverend running around as well. After an extensive search and armed with silver bullets Olivia, Lemuel, Fiji, and Manfred all band together to try to capture their friend before he hurts anyone else. While Olivia thinks that shooting him is the only solution, Lemuel attempts to reason with her and in doing so takes on the WereTiger himself. I'm sure on the page this fight between the two powerhouses came off better but it just looked awkward with a man wrestling a tiger down to the ground into submission. I will say that I prefer this scuffle over the typical "trying to reach the inner person" speech that usually happens to calm a beast down.

Finishing up the episode, the Reverend reverts back to his human self in the morning sun, but is filled with regret over knowing what he did to the town the night before. Bobo is released from jail because Manfred's info turned out to bear fruit and they found a Sons of Lucifer jacket with Aubrey's hair caught in it. Unfortunately for the Sheriff, Aubrey's ex-husband Lowry (Evan Jones) is bitter about Bobo getting released and plants a bomb in his car. It is NOT easy being an officer in these parts!

Plus we get a plot reveal from Joe explaining to his man Chuy (Bernardo Saracino) that once a millennia ago the veil between Midnight and the underworld broke. Now there's a chance it might happen again, but there is a prophecy that the army for the good against evil which can seal the veil will be led by "a man with the gift of vision." I wonder who that could be? Hmmmm.....Perhaps we'll learn on the next episode of Midnight, Texas debuting on NBC next week.

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