Last week, Showtime president David Nevins revealed they were considering possibilities for a Dexter spin-off series, but only if Michael C. Hall would reprise his title role as Dexter Morgan. He added that he would want to showcase the character in a new concept and configuration, making the spin-off feel fresh and not just a continuation of the flagship series. At the time, it wasn't known if Michael C. Hall was even interested in coming back, but during a recent interview at the Sundance Film Festival, the actor revealed that he would come back.

When first asked about the spin-off, the actor joked that he wanted the show to center on forensics specialist Vince Masuka, played by C.S. Lee.

"'Masuka!' I would watch that."

Although there isn't a direct quote from Michael C. Hall, the actor said he agreed with David Nevins' statement, and he would want to be involved. However, for the time being, nothing is set in stone yet.

"I can't even wrap my mind around that. And it's all just theoretical until there is some sort of script reflecting somebody's idea of where it could possibly go. But it's hard for me to imagine what that would be."

He did admit that the prospect of stepping into the Dexter Morgan character would be daunting, and he isn't ruling out the possibility of taking on another series, although not right now.

"Yeah, as far as playing Dexter again for an undefined amount of time, that's a little daunting to consider. But doing another television series - there's a lot of amazing stuff on TV. I don't want to do that right away. But I wouldn't say never to that."