Like so many long running shows, the finale of Dexter went down like a lead balloon with many who had stuck with the show for eight seasons and had hoped for something more satisfying in its conclusion. So when a revival of the show was announced, fans were surprised and relieved that the series may finally be given a conclusion they feel it deserved. With eight years passing since the end of the series, the arrival of new episodes were certainly unexpected considering the seemingly conclusive ending for Michael C. Hall's Dexter, but will it simply manage to just repeat the process of building fans up only to disappoint them in the end.

Speaking in a new interview with Phil Williams on Times Radio, Hall talked about bringing back the character after so long, and that finale to the original series. While he wasn't about to dismiss the season eight finale out of hand, he did have an opinion on the execution of Dexter's final episodes.

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"It's been gratifying and I think the show ended in a way that was pretty mystifying at best if not infuriating for people, but that at least set the stage for us to return and answer more definitely what the hell happened to this guy," Hall said. "I totally support what happened, the choice he makes at the end, but as far as the execution goes, we were all running on vapor at that point, so I get it."

The new ten episodes will premiere on Showtime in November, and Hall revealed that they are coming up to the end of shooting, with around five more weeks to go before they wrap. He also gave a little bit of insight into how the new episodes will pick up events after a time jump to acknowledge the years that have gone by since the end of the original series.

Hall continued, "We don't pick up on the day after we left him at the end of the series proper. We pick him up as if as much time has passed for him as has passed for the rest of us."

He also gave a teasing semi-confirmation that we may not see the last of Dexter at the end of Season 9, being asked if there were plans for more to come and replying, "I'm going to say... maybe." While such a future foray for everyone's favorite killer will likely depend on a number of factors including how well the new season is received, there is no doubt that there is an appetite for more Dexter so another return could quite possibly be a given by the time season 9 kicks off.

The new episodes will see Dexter taking on trucker turned businessman Kurt Caldwell, played by the brilliant Clancy Brown. Caldwell is a community leader in Iron Lake, a town in upstate New York, where he conceals and cleans up the murderous misadventures of his son. We can only expect that Dexter will not take too well to Caldwell's actions, and we all know where that leads.

The new episodes will air this fall on Showtime, premiering the first episode in November.