While the 2017-2018 fall TV season gets under way next month, NBC is already looking ahead to next season, teaming up with actor-producer Vin Diesel for a Miami Vice TV series reboot. The potential series is the first to come out of his One Race Television's first look deal he signed with Universal Television back in December 2015. The deal was originally slated to include a Riddick TV series as the first series to come out of the deal, but we haven't heard any updates on that project since that original announcement. Now it seems Vin Diesel is poised to make this the first show out of his One Race Television production company.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news on this series today, revealing that Vin Diesel is also bringing aboard Chris Morgan, the primary narrative architect of the Fast & Furious movie franchise, who is also developing an A-Team reboot for 20th Century Fox, proving that the 1980s are still alive and well in Hollywood. Vin Diesel will serve as an executive producer with Shana Waterman, who serves as the head of television for Diesel's One Race Television after shepherding shows like 24: Live Another Day and Wayward Pines at Fox. Chris Morgan is also executive producing under his own first-look deal with Universal Television, alongside Ainsley Davies. Peter Macmanus (The Mist TV series) has been tapped to write the pilot script.

There is no indication at this point whether Vin Diesel plans to have a role in front of the camera for this series, although this report adds that the actor-producer came up with the initial idea for the series, making a "personal appeal" to NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke. Even if he doesn't have a role in front of the camera, it marks the first major foray into television, although he did executive produce and write two episodes of a short-lived series called The Ropes, which revolved around Vin Diesel's former profession: nightclub bouncing. With the Fast & Furious big screen franchise coming to an end over the next few years, it's possible this could be the first of many TV ventures for Vin Diesel.

The original series, created by Anthony Yerkovich, ran from 1984 to 1989, which helped launch the careers of both stars, Don Johnson as Detective James "Sonny" Crockett and Phillip Michael Thomas as Detective Ricardo Tubbs. The series centered on these two undercover detectives and their team as they cleaned up the streets of Miami, while set to to an eclectic mix of New Wave music, including the iconic opening theme by Jan Hammer. The supporting cast included Edward James Olmos as Crockett and Tubbs' boss, Lt. Martin Castillo, Saundra Santiago as Detective Gina Calabrese, Olivia Brown as Detective Trudy Joplin, Michael Talbott as Detective Stan Switek and John Diehl as Det. Larry Zito.

It remains to be seen if any of the original stars and/or producers will be involved, but the original series also featured plenty of talented writers, producers and directors who would go on to much bigger things. Michael Mann served as an executive producer of the original series, and went on to direct the Miami Vice theatrical reboot, which starred Colin Farrell as Crockett and Jamie Foxx as Tubbs. Rob Cohen, who would direct Vin Diesel in both 2001's The Fast and the Furious and 2002's xXx, directed two episodes of the original series, with David Anspaugh directing two episodes as well, before he made a name for himself as a film director with Hoosiers and Rudy. The show also helped launch the career of several talented writers such as Dick Wolf (Law & Order), Joel Surnow (24), Daniel Pyne (Any Given Sunday) and Michael Piller (Star Trek: The Next Generation). Hopefully we'll have more on this Miami Vice TV series soon.