The original cast of Melrose Place reunited for a good cause while practicing safe social distancing. Star Heather Locklear even admitted she would be interested in returning to play her villainous Amanda Woodward character. Locklear and her Melrose Place costars, Josie Bissett (Jane), Thomas Calabro (Michael), Marcia Cross (Kimberly), Laura Leighton (Sydney), Doug Savant (Matt), Grant Show (Jake), Andrew Shue (Billy), Courtney Thorne-Smith (Allison) and Daphne Zuniga (Jo) all appeared on Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley's Stars in the House series.

Apparently the cast of Melrose Place really wants the fans to know that their iconic pool was really disgusting. Laura Leighton called it "gross," while Doug Savant, her husband and former co-star, declared the pool to be a "petri dish." Whatever the case may be, the cast seemed to have a lot of fun answering questions and remembering the show they did together for five years. They were brought together to raise funds for The Actors Fund, which supports actors, crew members, and other behind-the-scenes workers and performers, who are going through some financial difficulties due to the world's current situation.

Heather Locklear said, "it'd be fun to play Amanda again," which might excite some Melrose Place fans. The 58-year old actress reprised the role back in 2009 for the continuation series. Thomas Calabro, Laura Leighton, Josie Bissett, and Daphne Zuniga also appeared. Locklear found the role of Amanda Woodward to intriguing "since I don't normally do that in real life." She continued, "I don't behave like that... maybe sometimes..." The actress was clearly joking and concluded by noting, "But yeah, it was super fun. It was very fun... People like that kind of attitude."

Jake Hanson actor Grant Show wasn't really into the way Melrose Place started. It was the second series in the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise and Show's Hanson, who was in his 20s, was dating Jennie Garth's teenage Kelly Taylor character. "I thought it was a little creepy," he says. "She was a little too young for him. That's how I felt about it. I don't think it would fly nowadays." It probably wouldn't go with today's set of standards, but it certainly worked really well for Melrose Place.

Marcia Cross recalled going through some rough times in her personal life at the time of Melrose Place. After her longtime partner died in 1993, and she returned to the show as a way "to survive." She originally thought her part was going to be written off, but the producers had other ideas, which ended up becoming one of the biggest storylines on the show. The infamous wig scene was fueled by Cross' Kimberly character going crazy while "Marcia was having a hard time, too. So it all worked out beautifully." You can watch the Melrose Place reunion above, thanks to the Stars At Home YouTube channel.