The hit Syfy series Being Human continues its Season 3 run with "Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth", airing Monday, February 11 on Syfy. Series star Meaghan Rath, who plays Sally Malik on the show, recently held a conference call to discuss the new season. One of the big changes viewers can expect in the new season is that roommates Sally, Aidan (Sam Witwer) and Josh (Sam Huntington) will be together more.

"For our writers one of their goals was to have the three of us together a lot more this season because I feel like we lost that a lot in Season 2 just because of all the stuff we were going through separately, so there're definitely more scenes with the three of us. I think that our relationships have developed quite a bit and yes, the chemistry is still there, if not more than before. And it's almost changed in some ways as we've grown up a bit."

Sally used to be a ghost before literally being some form of a human again, whether it be alive or undead. The actress revealed that she doesn't exactly miss being a ghost.

"There was nothing that I missed about being a ghost. It was, like, I was as happy as Sally was to be alive and interacting with people physically and, I was really missing out on a lot of things that everyone else got to do, so it really helped me to get back into her because I was feeling just as excited as she was."

The actress also revealed that, in the scenes with all three primary actors together, they actually don't rehearse that much beforehand.

"We don't rehearse beforehand. We rehearse scene by scene as we get to it. And, it's funny because scenes that are with the three of us, or even now with Kristen (Hager), it's a relief and a pleasure to shoot those scenes because I never have to worry about them. Just because we all trust each other so much and we know each other so well that we can just trust that our chemistry will be there and that we'll find a way to make the scene work. You know, especially if it's a difficult scene or a more complex scene. It's just a fun time to go in there and sort of put your face in somebody else and feel confident that they're going to guide you in a way that is going to work in the end."

She also teased the possibility of a romance between Sally and Aidan this year.

"I know a bunch of you are going to ask is there anything that's going on with Sally and Aidan. I just know it. I just know you guys are going to ask it. I'll answer it right now. What they did is so smart because we never had that option before because Sally was non-corporeal and it just wasn't going to happen and they looked at her like a little sister. And all the sudden, here she is human, or as close to human as it's going to get. And all of the sudden it's sort of an option. It's like oh, we can do this and it sort of reflects a situation in life. You have a roommate that's a guy and you're best friends and it never occurred to you before but all of the sudden, you're both single. Should we do this? I guess we could do this. Maybe you drank a bit too much that night and all the sudden there's this weird moment between roommates and I think you're going to see a couple moments like that with Sally and Aidan this season."

Being Human returns with "Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth" Monday, February 11 on Syfy.