Commuters in San Diego, California were shocked to see a 2015 McLaren 650S speeding over 100 MPH in the wrong direction of the carpool lane at approximately 4:30 PM. The sports car belonged to YouTube star McSkillet and it plowed, head-on, into an SUV, instantly killing a 43-year old mother and her 12-year old daughter. Another driver was injured, but is expected to survive, according to police reports. McSkillet is best known for his YouTube channel and for his work involving the video game Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

McSkillet, whose real name is Trevor Heitmann, had over 900,000 subscribers on YouTube, and was apparently making some pretty serious money off of the platform as well as gambling, gaming sponsorships, and selling content through his CSGO website. The internet star purchased the $250,000 2015 British McLaren 650S in the fall of 2017 and bragged about it online. He later used the car in the accident that killed himself and two others. A spokesperson for the San Diego County Department of Public Safety confirmed the driver involved in the crash was Trevor Heitmann.


Friends of McSkillet believe that he had been depressed over the last several months. One person on Twitter claiming to be a good friend said that "he was battling an incredible rough time." As for why Trevor Heitmann, aka McSkillet could have been depressed, it was announced back in June of this year that he had received a trade ban from video game developer Valve, which meant that he could no longer trade any of the items and weapons he kept in his inventory on his CSGO website. Some have speculated that the ban could have cost him upwards of $100,000. There has been no confirmation that this why Heitman was going through a rough time, but that is a considerable amount of money to lose.


McSkillet hadn't been posting much on his YouTube channel in recent months. He joined the site in 2014 and amassed over 900,000 followers in just four years. In that time, he uploaded 470 videos, some of which gained millions of views. His recent uploads weren't receiving the amount of hits as when he started, which many believe is the reason that he stopped uploading. The last video that he put up was 5 months ago.

As for now, friends and family of Trevor Heitman and the victims are trying to figure out why he crashed his car into an innocent family. Witnesses say that the whole freeway looked like it was engulfed in flames, and by looking at the wreckage, you can see why. Both cars are burnt out, chunks of twisted metal. According to San Diego police, at least 12 other vehicles were involved in the fatal crash. This news was first reported by The Los Angeles Times.