Kurt Sutter announced he will be leaving his position as co-showrunner on Mayans M.C. after its upcoming second season. The man behind the motorcycles, murder and Shakespearean level drama made the announcement at the FX show's season two premiere at the Arclight Hollywood Cinerama Dome.

"It's time for a white man to leave the building."
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The drama series hasn't been renewed for a third season just yet, but if it is, Sutter's move would put co-creator and co-showrunner Elgin James in charge. James would be joined by the other Latinx creators on a show that follows a biker gang at the U.S./Mexican border. Something the writer and civil rights activist, James, is likely to appreciate. He had this to say about the importance of Latinx creators having the chance to tell their own story,

"We have to tell our own emotional truth, particularly people of color. Some of us have lived that life. It took us a long time to get out of that cycle and now we're trying to tell a story inside out. For people of color and for women, you're put in a box and all they've done is take that box and put it on a higher shelf and pat themselves on the back and say, 'Look at what we've done.'"

To keep this authenticity, the two seasons of Mayans was shot on location at the United States-Mexico border. The series follows a motorcycle club last seen throughout the entire run of Sutter's popular Sons of Anarchy series. JD Pardo stars as EZ Reyes, a prospect for the motorcycle gang. His protective older brother Angel is played by Clayton Cardenas. Like Sutter's other biker gang series, Mayans is full of suspenseful drama. It features Cartel leader Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino) strategizing against his enemies, while rebel leader, Adelita (Carla Baratta), seeks vengeance for past crimes.

The actor behind Felipe Reyes, Edward James Olmos, spoke about the importance of filming the show on location at the border and in Mexico, saying that the show is able to bring "that reality to life" and help people start to understand it. The series also uses local, passionate film crews both in the US and in Mexico. Cardenas had this to say,

"We stay authentic to Latino culture. I don't want some whitewashed type of dialect and visuals."

With the Kurt Sutter exit, we are bound to see some narrative and visual changes to the series, but with Elgin's limited filmography, it's hard to predict what they'll be. Sutter is most known for creating and helming the boundary-pushing FX series Sons of Anarchy starring Charlie Hunnam and Sutter's wife of 15 years Katey Sagal, who won a Golden Globe for her performance. The show lasted for seven seasons at 92 episodes. The Hamlet-esque story brought twisted storylines, cringeworthy violence and a slew of nominations.

Disney acquired FX in their purchase of 20th Century Fox. There has been no word on any potential changes to the programming, but we are keeping our eyes open. This story comes to us via Variety.