There had been grumblings that Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter was putting the kibosh on his planned spin-off Mayans MC in the wake of the Trump election. Sutter claimed he wanted to create a more positive landscape on television, but didn't address his impending show directly. It appears that the spin-off is still moving ahead, as one Sons of Anarchy star has confirmed his involvement.

Details on Mayans MC have remained fairly scare during the writing stages. And there have only been a handful of cryptic tweets to even hint at its true existence. But that changed Monday afternoon when one of the show's stars confirmed his involvement in the upcoming FX drama.

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Emilio Rivera shared this news on Instagram. He played Alvarez, the president of the Mayan MC on Sons of Anarchy. And it has long been thought that he'd return. At this time, it's not clear what kind of role Rivera will hold down. He says this on his latest post.

"#Rollout Mayan Monday gonna be a Crazy Ride, with @sutterink @elginnjames and the #MayansMc #marcusalvarez #kurtsutter #elginjames #emiliorivera, Follow @mayansmc_onfx"

A time period for Mayans MC has never been confirmed. And Rivera hasn't outright confirmed that he will return as Alvarez, which will be a lot harder if this becomes a period drama set in the late 70s or early 80s. It is believed that the events depicted in Mayans MC will take place before the Sons of Anarchy storyline.

It has been rumored that Jax, who was the main character on Sons of Anarchy, will be a young child in this iteration of the franchise's mythology. If that's the case, it may be difficult to have Emilio Rivera return as Alvarez in a believable way. Especially since he'll have to appear 30 years younger.

It's speculated that Rivera isn't returning in an acting capacity at all, and instead will serve as a producer. But, that said, there is now heavily speculation that Mayans MC will take place closer to the original Sons of Anarchy timeline, which would allow for actors from that show to return in some capacity. There could also be flashbacks and flash forwards.