Friends star Matthew Perry is back on the small screen with the new NBC comedy series Go On, which has already fit in nicely on the network's Tuesday night lineup. We reported last week that the series was given a full season order, which means it's one step closer to receiving a renewal for next season. Matthew Perry stars as Ryan King, a sportscaster who is sent to therapy to deal with his issues, after losing his wife. The actor recently held a conference call, where he first spoke about what drew him to the series. Here's what he had to say, revealing he was actually looking to take on a more dramatic series.

"I would say it was just written really well. I was looking to do a drama and had met all the networks and studios about - in the development season - about finding a drama and was sent this. And it's obviously a comedy and I could tell by the amount of pages that it was a comedy. I called my manager and said why did you send me this and he said just read it. And I realized that it had all of the elements that I was looking for. It was definitely funny, it had a lot of funny characters in it, and also it posed a big dramatic challenge too. Plus I had known (series creator) Scott Silveri. He was on Friends for eight years and he'd written a really great script so I was in."

He also spoke about the challenged of balancing the comedy with more dramatic elements like his wife's death.

"Well that's the very tonal challenge of this show and nobody knew whether it was going to work. Nobody knew really whether people were going to laugh at these sad situations. But that's Scott in the pilot, doing that tone thing perfectly so there was a lot of funny things but, at the base of it is a very sad story. And then I think it was the third episode when we did a comedic run. I had said that it's hard to tell people that my wife has passed away, I should just get vanity plates that say it and then everybody sort of starts pitching on what those vanity plates could say. You know, like dead wife or no mo wife and things like that. And that was, you know, that was a really risky scene and people loved it. So, then, we knew that audiences were going to laugh at this stuff."

Since Ryan King works in the sports world, the actor teased that several athletes and other sports personalities will be popping up on the show.

"There's an episode coming up that Bob Costas and Rich Eisen are both in. It's just a really fun episode where Bob Costas calls my character, Ryan King, and says that he really is a fan of the show and wants to give me a tryout for a national TV job. Rich Eisen is playing himself, obviously, and Bob Costas is playing himself. But Rich Eisen is sort of a competitor and it'll be good. He'll be back as sort of an adversary. And I do get my shot with Bob Costas and you can imagine, given the fact that it's a comedy that it does not go that well. And Chris Bosh has a little Cameo on the show. Misty May-Treanor is coming on and it's just really fun because we get to have these athletes come on. It's across the board, they've all been great, which makes me think that acting is easy and it makes me sad."

You can watch Matthew Perry as Ryan King on Go On, airing Tuesday nights at 9 PM ET on NBC.