An undercover CIA operative masquerades as a professional soccer player in Matador. We caught up with Gabriel Luna and Alfred Molina, the stars of the new spy thriller series on El Rey Network, as Season 1 comes to it's rousing conclusion with a finale directed by series co-creator Robert Rodriguez.

Matador chronicles the rise of Tony "Matador" Bravo (Gabriel Luna), a covert CIA operative undercover as a pro soccer star for the L.A. Riot. The 13-episode series airs through October 7 and has already been confirmed for season two. With 5 more episodes left to go this year, starting with Wells Fargo Presents: The Anguish of Rosarito on Tuesday, September 9th, find out what to expect over the next few weeks in our exclusive Matador interview.

Matador stars Gabriel Luna as Tony Bravo, the first Latin star in a weekly action TV series. As his nemesis Andres Galan is legendary film, TV and stage actor Alfred Molina. Watch as they They will battle each other in the new drama, a gripping new CIA thriller from acclaimed director Robert Rodriguez.