One of cable TV's biggest shows is back for a summer full of new cases in Major Crimes, with episodes airing Monday nights at 10 PM ET on TNT. Mary McDonnell returns as LAPD Captain Sharon Rayder, who heads up a task force which handles high-profile cases, with the series showcasing how law enforcement officials and prosecutors work together to deliver justice in the City of Angels.

I recently had the chance to speak with Mary McDonnell via satellite, who offers more details about the new cases this season, new guest stars, the extended 19-episode season, and what fan favorite characters fans can expect back in Season 3. Take a look at our exclusive interview below, and tune in Monday, June 30 when the new season continues with "Letting It Go".

In Season 3, the squad will investigate the disappearance of two kids and their father, the death of a defendant in a rape trial and a complex case involving arranged marriages and diplomatic immunity. Sharon Rayder's personal life is just as complicated as her professional life, trying to put the traumatic past of her foster child Rusty (Graham Patrick Martin) behind him, while a member of his biological family emerges, threatening their new family environment.