The USA Network is bidding farewell to In Plain Sight with Season 5, the eight-episode final season which premieres Friday, March 16 at 10 PM ET with Episode 5.01: The Anti-Social Network. Stars Mary McCormack and Fred Weller recently held a conference call to discuss Season 5. Here's what they had to say below.

Can you just talk about kind of what we can expect this season?

Mary McCormack: I think it was a very cool thing to tell us it was the final season before we began, which allowed us to really write it differently. You know, sort of decide what we wanted to be invested in. I mean people dedicated five years to the show. I think it's a nice way to honor the fans of the show by essentially respecting that. We deal with one of the big stories of the series, which has been, you know, the relationship between Mary and her father. This is a guy who left when she was 7. And I think he had a huge influence on her injury the person she is. There is the relationship with Abigail, we have my adjusting to being a new mother. So yes, there's a lot of stuff. I mean I think the eight episodes are some of our best. We're excited.


I'm definitely interested in knowing what you'll be taking home with you as a memorial set piece?

Mary McCormack: Great question. I was thinking about that the other day. I was eyeing everything on the set. And I was like what will it be? I don't know what it will be? I want a suggestion. All my twitter followers should send me suggestions. I need ideas.

Fred Weller: Well I thought you wanted the (Flegler)?

Mary McCormack: Yes I don't think so. What am I going to do with the (Flegler)?

Fred Weller: A bunch of stapling?

Mary McCormack: Yes and then I get to staple crap. No, I need a real souvenir. I mean what are you taking Fred, anything?


Fred Weller: Well, you know those little wind up robot bugs, my son would flip for those. He's crazy about robots. So I'm going to take that.

Mary McCormack: Yes that's good. That was on your desk. I don't have that kind of thing. I don't know what I would take.

Fred Weller: I'm going to try to take my desk chair because it's really comfortable.

Mary McCormack: You get arrested for that.

What are some of the memories you remember most though that you'll cherish the most from your time on In Plain Sight?

Mary McCormack: Well Fred in drag, now that - I wasn't going to tell everybody. But now it's out, Fred is in drag this season. That's a hard memory for me to shake, as much as I'd like too. It was shocking, just shocking because Fred I think you're handsome. You know, I know I don't say it a lot. But you're handsome. We have a lot of laughs. We have a lot. Remember Fred, remember that one time you tried to kick the (unintelligible) and you went through the door like The Shining.


Fred Weller: Yes and you told them to keep rolling and my foot was stuck.

Mary McCormack: Oh I've never laughed harder in my life. I had tears rolling down my cheeks. I was so happy.

Fred Weller: Yes you thought that was very funny.

Mary McCormack: It was funny.

Fred Weller: You know what I love? You know what I love doing is all the action sequences, plans and props with you. Just when we were really picky about those.

You once characterized Mary Shannon as the least maternal person in the world. So how is she going to change this season given that she has a baby?

Mary McCormack: Yes she changes in a lot of ways, and sort of forced to sort of change. I mean there's a lot of things going on in her life. Her father comes back. You know, Fred is in a relationship. Lot's of things in her life, her mother is sober and sort of moving out. So it's actually, to me it was real exciting. I mean I didn't plan to shake up the show by getting pregnant. But Jeff Wachtel, who is the head of USA was very sweet when I called him and told him I was pregnant. But he thought it was a great opportunity for a really cool character development.


You said Marshall is well aware of his feelings for Mary and vice versa. Do you think Marshall is going to admit his feelings to Mary now that the show is coming to a close?

Fred Weller: I think he's going to have to start out for a little more than he has in the past. At the same time those feelings are kind of revolving. I mean the fact that she's had a baby is a big factor there. I think it's possible that Marshall might be ready to face the fact that his relationship with Mary has been one of sibling rivalry for so long now that it might be better or him to move on romantically. It's possible. It's really possible that even though he's this romantic, he might have to move on.


In the first episode, Mary still seems kind of like out of the loop since she's been gone. Is that something that's going to continue throughout the season? Or do they kind of like snap back into normal?

Mary McCormack: No she snaps back into it. I think it's just she's been away for six months. And no one really knows how to treat her as a mother. I think she gets a handle on it pretty quickly and so happy to do that. I don't think she's a girl who could stop working, you know. I she's (be) even crazier.

I'm surprised she stayed away from work for six months.

Mary McCormack: Yes. I think that was also, you know, it's you can't really work with a three months old. But you can work with a six month. I mean there's a bunch of production reasons for that as well.


So do we get to see Marshall and baby Nora in any way? I know baby-sitting was like hinted at in the first episode. But Mary seems to shoot that down.

Mary McCormack: He's around her sometimes.

Fred Weller: I am cradling baby Nora, wondering about my life past.

Mary McCormack: We're all with her at some point. So when we have babies in scenes there's like a nursery like with 10 babies. And they all sort of look the same. It's like incredibly cute, all in the same T-shirt. It's ridiculous.

You said that Mary's dad comes back into play. Can you say anything about the circumstances that he comes back?


Mary McCormack: Yes. I mean I don't know how much I can say. I won't say too much because it's so exciting to watch. So when he comes back, it's a pretty big deal law enforcement. So it's not easy reconciliation, you know. And she's injured. But I think we really see it in episode, I guess he comes back at end of 5, and he's really in 6 and 7 and on. You get a real sense of just how much damage it did to her, you know. And how much she really wishes it had been different. It's a big part of her life, Mary Shannon's life.

I'm glad that we get a chance to have him come back before the season ends.


Mary McCormack: Me too. I felt like, you know, we talked about it every season. We were like maybe he should come back now. And then, smartly, Jeff Wachtel was always like I think you should wait. I think you wait. And I think he was right. It's such a big part of Mary's character, I think that injury really helps to have it in this final season because it feels like a form of closure, you know, to be telling that story now.

Fred I was wondering, you were talking about the Rachel Boston's character. So how much more serious are things going to get for those two over the next couple of episodes?


Mary McCormack: Can't tell.

Fred Weller: Well let me just say that it is a period of turmoil for Marshall. And it's a source of great conflict and inner conflict and interpersonal conflict for the show. So it's good stuff.

I mean they're caring for a dog together. That's pretty heavy stuff.

Fred Weller: That's commitment. That's major.

Mary McCormack: You know, that dog was actually written for me. And I couldn't believe it because it was sort of planned before I told anyone I was pregnant. And then I was like, when I spilled the beans that I was pregnant, I was like please don't give me a dog and a baby or I will never see my own children again. Like if you give me a dog and a baby, yes.


It seems like so far that even though she's, you know, so protective of the baby. She's still kind of, well bitchy at work. I'm curious, is Mary's like personality going to be affected at all at work by what happens at home?

Mary McCormack: I don't think she is. Fred do you think so? I mean I think she's more tired and more grouchy. I think it's the same Mary at work, don't you?

Fred Weller: Yes I mean, you know, she's already pretty maxed out on the grouchiness.

Mary McCormack: Yes well somehow that got more.

Fred Weller: Just got a red lining on the grouchiness. So it's not really that huge. I mean it's interesting to me yes, she's not maternal. And yet she manages to be a mother in a way that makes sense. She's still kind of a hard ass. You know, cynical.


Mary McCormack: She's against baby talk. She's against, you know, she's not mushy that way.

Fred Weller: She doesn't change as much as you'd think.

Mary McCormack: At one point we read a line where I say she's a whore for sweet potatoes. I thought that was very Mary Shannon.

Can you talk about any of the guest stars we're going to see this season that you haven't mentioned?

Mary McCormack: Oh gosh we had Tia Carrere this season the brilliant and beautiful Tia Carrere. We have Stephen Lang. He's amazing.

Fred Weller: The beautiful Julia Jones from Twilight movies.

I know Tia Carrere is going to play Stan's love interest. Can you tell us a big about how that relationship is going to affect the story line this year?


Fred Weller: We're going to be all a titter about it. It will occasion much mirth among his co-workers, the fact that he's got a lady friend.

Mary McCormack: And the fact that she's six feet tall. It's really the fact that like what an off match they are.

Fred Weller: And they tango together. That's got to be funny. I can't wait to see that.

Mary McCormack: Yes.

You can watch Mary McCormack and Fred Weller in the final season of In Plain Sight, which kicks off the eight-episode Season 5 Friday, March 16 at 10 PM ET with Episode 5.01: The Anti-Social Network.