Marvel's What If...? Disney+ series has already started work on season 2. The first season isn't set to debut until 2021. Out of all of the Disney+ Marvel shows, What If...? is one that fans are definitely looking forward to since it's going to take the Marvel Cinematic Universe and totally twist it from the inside out. It's in an animated format, which means they can basically do whatever they want, just like the original comics that the upcoming series is based on.

In a new interview, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige revealed the season 2 news about Marvel's What If...? The series has been in the works for years and one can tell that Feige has taken extra special interest in making sure it gets done in a way that the fans will love. With that being said, Feige seems to do that with everything Marvel-related. He had this to say.

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"I'm very happy that we're doing the What If...? series for Disney+ right now, and I've seen most of them. We have ten for Season 1, we're already working on the next ten for Season 2. We've revealed one that is very exciting, we've talked about it for years, which is the one where Peggy Carter gets the Super Soldier serum and becomes Captain Carter. That's the very first episode, and I'm excited for people to see that. I'm excited to see the finished version of that, and I'm excited for the world to see it."

So, it sounds like there is still quite a bit of work to be done on Marvel's What If...? season 1. The first season doesn't hit Disney Plus until 2021, so there is plenty of time to work on it, but the studio is already preparing stories for the second batch, which will more than likely premiere in 2022. Kevin Feige and crew always have a plan in place and have no qualms with taking their time in order to get things right.

Taking time to get things right is something that a lot of studios could learn from Marvel Studios. Kevin Feige understands the importance of building trust in the long game and doesn't seem all too interested in rushing something if it's not right. Avengers: Endgame may have seemed rushed after coming out a year after Infinity War, but that was all be design too. Does the studio want to jump right back into another Infinity Saga right now? Absolutely not.

The first episode of Marvel's What If...? will center on Peggy Carter taking the Super Soldier Serum instead of Steve Rogers. We've seen brief teases of the animation and it looks just as great as MCU fans would come to expect. As another added bonus, the studio was able to recruit much of the original cast to come in and play their parts on the small screen. You can check out the interview with Kevin Feige below, thanks to the BuzzFeed Brasil Twitter account.