Last month, Marvel unveiled a new Inhumans trailer at San Diego Comic-Con, which received mixed reviews from fans. Now executive producer Jeph Loeb is asking fans not to rush to judgment on this series for one simple reason: It's not finished yet. Also the head of Marvel Television, Loeb was on hand at the TCA summer tour, where he revealed that the imagery is "simply extraordinary" and should be seen on IMAX screens, with the two-week limited IMAX theatrical window that begins September 1. Here's what the producer had to say about this upcoming show.

"I can tell you that the show you have seen is not the finished product, so if you're asking me whether it's done, it's not. What you've seen so far is something that's unfinished. Once you've seen the whole finished product you actually do [understand]."
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Deadline reports that executive producer Scott Buck was on hand, who shed some new light on the Karnak character, played by Ken Leung. The producer revealed new details about Karnak's abilities, which haven't been fully on display yet. Here's what he had to say about Karnak below.

"Karnak has the ability to see the flaw in anything and everything, whether it be a person, a building, anything, and everything. Unfortunately, what this does to Karnak as a person is everything is flawed so nothing is good enough for Karnak."

Serinda Swan was also on hand to discuss more about her character Medusa, teasing that the wig she had to wear was quite heavy. She had nothing but praise for the CGI animators who brought her wig to life. Here's what the actress had to say during the TCA panel below.

"It's very heavy. You put it on and everyone is like, 'You've such good posture, you're so regal,' but no, my head is being pulled backwards. There were definitely days shooting in Hawaii with a four-pound red wig down to my shins, which felt like a very warm cat settling on my head, one that I was probably allergic to. It's never been done before so there are going to be issues. There are going to be trial and tribulations. I think there was software that actually had to be built with it. If we only did things that were perfect we would never start and so it's a really phenomenal start."

The legendary comic book series will be brought to life in a way that has never been done before, as a version of the first two episodes will be shown globally in IMAX theatres for a two-week period, beginning September 1, 2017. ABC will then air the entirety of the series throughout this fall on the network, with additional exclusive content that can only been seen on ABC. Marvel's Inhumans explores the never-before-told epic adventure of the Royal Family including Black Bolt, the enigmatic, commanding King of the Inhumans, with a voice so powerful that the slightest whisper can destroy a city. After the Royal Family of Inhumans is splintered by a military coup, they barely escape to Hawaii where they are greeted with surprising interactions with the lush world and humanity around them. Now they must find a way to reunite with each other and return to their home before their way of life is destroyed forever.