Martin star Tisha Campbell is still holding out hope for a revival of the classic TV sitcom. From 1992 to 1997, Campbell famously starred as Gina Waters on the popular comedy series opposite Martin Lawrence as the titular character. During its run, Martin served as one of the highest-rated shows on television and is certainly among the most memorable sitcoms of its era. Still a hit with fans, reruns of the series are currently airing on BET and VH1.

At a time when nearly every other show from the '90s from Full House to Saved by the Bell are also getting new reboots, Tisha Campbell spoke with about the possibility of a Martin revival in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight. Though scheduling conflicts and the absence of late co-star Thomas Mikal Ford serve as the biggest obstacles, Campbell says they're still "trying to" make the reboot a reality.

"We are trying to. It's so hard to say. One, Tommy's not here. And the other thing is the schedule. It literally falls down to schedule. Every single one of us, thank God, is still working."

For a good long while, perhaps the biggest obstacle preventing a reboot or reunion was the highly-publicized bad blood between Campbell and Lawrence. During the final season of the show's run, Campbell filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Lawrence and the show's producers and refused to share any more scenes with her co-star. When Martin ended, Campbell and Lawrence maintained their distance from one another, and the concept of a revival series didn't seem to be entertained very much by fans who considered it an impossibility.

Fortunately, while it took two decades, Tisha Campbell and Martin Lawrence reconciled in 2018 following the former's divorce from her husband, Duane Martin. Out of the blue, Lawrence gave her a call to wish her well, marking the first time the two had spoken since their final day shooting Martin. After speaking at length about their past drama, Campbell says they were able to finally bury the hatchet and that their friendship has now been restored.

"I was like, 'Oh my god, I'm so happy to talk to you.' [We] got to talk, apologize, love on one another. We were laughing at the end of it. We got to start appreciating everything that we've all been through. That's what I think really life is all about. You go through these dark moments, and at the time you don't really realize that is something that is needed to uplift you and make you bigger and better."

With Campbell and Lawrence making up, we're probably closer than ever before to once again hearing Martin spouting his often-quoted catchphrase, "Damn, Gina!" It's certainly something that fans of the classic sitcom would enjoy, so let's hope the stars will align just right for Martin to have its own chance of a revival or reunion special as well. These days, you can catch Campbell as the voice of Tawny Young on the HBO Max animated series Harley Quinn while Lawrence recently reprised his franchise role as Detective Marcus Burnett in this year's action movie sequel Bad Boys for Life. This news comes to us from Entertainment Tonight.