Black Panther's Quest is the next season of the Avengers Assemble animated series and it will have some voice work by Mark Hamill and Stan Lee. To celebrate, Marvel had the two chat together in the same room and filmed it. Needless to say, it's pretty awesome to see the two icons admire each other's work. Hamill is obviously well-known for his voiceover work, and reprises his role as HYDRA scientist Arnim Zola, while Lee portrays himself in one of his awesome cameos.

Mark Hamill has been very public about his love of comic books and has said in the past that he loved reading Marvel Comics in particular. Right now, he's super excited to see Black Panther head into the Avengers animated series. The Star Wars actor says, "I'm a huge fan of that character. See, I'm just a comic book geek." Hamill went on to talk about Stan Lee's snarky sense of humor in the comics and why he appreciates it so much. He had this to say.

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"I mean, when I was a kid of the '60s, I would read the Marvel comics, and Stan created a real bond with his audience, you know, in the bullpen. He had that sort of snarky humor, he would give away no-prizes, because people were always pointing out boo-boos and mistakes and stuff, and he really had a personality that came across over the pages. He's sort of this avuncular uncle you wish you had. On television it was Walt Disney, in comic books it was Stan the Man. Excelsior!"

When asked about working with Mark Hamill, Stan Lee stated, "It's terrible," as they both started laughing. Lee talked about Hamill's talents as a voice actor and gave him praise, while demeaning his own contributions in his famous self-deprecating sense of humor. When Lee hears Hamill, he hears the character, which is something that the comic legend wished he could do. He explains.

"Because when I hear him read the lines, when I hear how talented he is, how he can do another dialect and become another person, it's fantastic. I read lines beautifully, but only as myself. I mean, if I had to be Baron Zemo, I wouldn't know how to do it, but he becomes Baron Zemo... I'd love to make this sound profound and give you the difference between doing it for live-action and animation, but as far as I'm concerned, there's no difference. You just say the lines as best you can, hope that they're anywhere near as good as Mark Hamill has said them, and that's it."

Watching Mark Hamill and Stan Lee together is a pretty awesome sight and one can tell that they have a pretty fun relationship. It's just a shame that they spent most of the time talking about Black Panther's Quest and the Avengers cartoons instead of talking about what it's like to have such obsessive fan bases. Hamill as seen it all with Star Wars fans and Lee has seen at least 10 times the amount throughout his career, if not higher. It would be very interesting to see them discuss the different fandoms and how they relate to each other.

Black Panther's Quest will air on Disney XD this fall and is the latest of the Avengers series. Stan Lee's animated cameo has yet to be revealed but we'll find out soon enough. For now, it's just cool to know that the comic legend still gets a kick out of being in the public eye and hanging out with people like Mark Hamill. You can watch the duo discuss Marvel Comics and the art of voice acting below, thanks to Marvel HQ's YouTube channel.