Marilyn Manson made some news on Thursday evening after a bizarre onstage meltdown. Manson reportedly played only 3 songs, mumbled, and then left the stage, knocking over a guitar amplifier in the process. House actress Charlyne Yi saw the news and then decided to tell the story of the time that Manson visited the set and harassed nearly all of the females, sexually and otherwise. She ended her posts by wishing that he will go to get the help that he needs.

Perhaps the weirdest thing about this story is that Marilyn Manson is a big fan of the show House, which starred Hugh Laurie and Charlyne Yi as Dr. Chi Park. Manson reportedly strolled on to the set and was having a great time. Unfortunately, alleges Yi, Manson "harassed just about every woman," and even got racist by calling her "China man." Yi has since deleted her tweets about Manson. She explains.

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"Ugh don't even get me started on Marilyn Manson. Yes this happened a long time ago, on the last season of House he came on set to visit because he was a huge fan of the show & he harassed just about every woman asking us if we were going to scissor, rhino & called me a China man."

Charlyne Yi posted a follow up message where she said, "I genuinely hope he gets help." However, Marilyn Manson's fans were not happy about her claims against the aging shock rocker. Yi claims that she received death threats and had to block several people for abusing her on Twitter. Strangely, some of the fans were angry about Manson leaving 3 songs into a set, but not that he made fun of women and degraded them. But that's probably why anyone likes Manson in the first place.

Marilyn Manson returned to the stage for the first time since his meltdown last night and proceeded to moon the crowd after calling New Jersey a "sh!t hole." And in typical Manson fashion, he decided to play a cover of Patti Smith's song "Rock and Roll N####r" after Charlyne Yi accused him of being racist. However, his tactics have worked once again because his name is in the news again, keeping his reputation safe.

Marilyn Manson was last in New York for a concert when a stage prop fell on him while he was performing, forcing 9 canceled shows and a pretty bad leg injury that still has him in a cast. Charlyne Yi says that she was "triggered" by Manson's onstage meltdown, but it appears that Mason might have been triggered as well, being back on the east coast where his injury took place. In a recent interview, Manson said that the incident deeply affected him, noting that he could have had his head crushed, so it does make sense. We'll have to wait and see if he makes a statement. In the meantime, you can check out the accusations of Marilyn Manson's behavior on the set of House via Stereo Gum.