It's been a while since we have had an update on Netflix's highly intriguing Maniac series. The dark comedy is directed by Cary Fukunaga and stars Emma Stone alongside Jonah Hill and we finally have our first, albeit brief, look at the series. In addition, Netflix has announced that the show will premiere on Friday, September 21st, and all 10 episodes will be able to be binged at that time.

The new trailer for Maniac features both Emma Stone and Jonah Hill staring at each other from across a long table. The view starts to get a little uncomfortable and then begins to switch to different camera angles that start to change colors. As far as first teasers are concerned, this is very understated and doesn't really give off any clues as to what the series will be about. There isn't any footage from the show in the trailer, but it does offer a glimpse of the tone of the show as well as showing off some pretty unique camera work and color choices.


Maniac is based off of a Norwegian series of the same name in which patients in a mental ward go in and out of fantasy worlds. The show follows Jonah Hill's character, an inpatient at a mental institution, who lives out adventures in his dreams. Previous pictures from the set featured Hill with a long wig with braids, tattoos, and bandages. There have also been some photos from the set where his character is getting arrested. With the behind-the-scenes pictures paired with the new trailer, Maniac looks very interesting. Thankfully, we don't have to wait very long to take down the whole series in a matter of days.


The official synopsis offers a better look at the story of Maniac, which makes it even more intriguing. It's all based off of Jonah Hill and Emma Stone's characters taking an experimental drug to help them with their particular problems. It's also teased that things won't go as planned for their characters in the series. The official synopsis reads.

Set in a world somewhat like our world, in a time quite similar to our time, Maniac tells the stories of Annie Landsberg (Emma Stone) and Owen Milgrim (Jonah Hill), two strangers drawn to the late stages of a mysterious pharmaceutical trial, each for their own reasons. Annie's disaffected and aimless, fixated on broken relationships with her mother and her sister; Owen, the fifth son of wealthy New York industrialists, has struggled his whole life with a disputed diagnosis of schizophrenia. Neither of their lives have turned out quite right, and the promise of a new, radical kind of pharmaceutical treatment-a sequence of pills its inventor, Dr. James K. Mantleray (Justin Theroux), claims can repair anything about the mind, be it mental illness or heartbreak-draws them and ten other strangers to the facilities of Neberdine Pharmaceutical and Biotech for a three-day drug trial that will, they're assured, with no complications or side-effects whatsoever, solve all of their problems, permanently. Things do not go as planned.


Netflix is getting ready for the promotional campaign for Maniac to really begin. Since the show doesn't premiere until the end of September, we can expect to see some more footage from the actual show that will shed some more light on what exactly is going on. While we wait for more information, you can check out the very first trailer from Maniac below, thanks to the Netflix YouTube channel.