This summer, filmmaker Kevin Smith revealed that he is turning the idea he had for a Mallrats 2 theatrical sequel to a 10-episode TV series. Now the filmmaker is ready to find the new TV series a home, revealing through social media today that he is starting to pitch his series this week with Universal Television. Here's what the filmmaker had to say on Instagram.

"Today, I start pitching the #Mallrats series which began life back in March 2015 as a movie. But now, with Jim and Dan from #universaltelevision, I'll spend the next week trying to find a home for our sequel series at places like @showtime, @netflix, @amazon & @hulu. When I saw @therealstanlee at @nycomiccon this weekend, I told him Rats pitches start today. Stan (who is a major part of the series) said 'Well hurry up! I'm not getting any younger!' To psych myself up, I've been staring at these script sides from Day 4 of our #1995 shoot. Sides are mini versions of the script for that day's work - so the last time I studied this particular set of sides, I was a 24 year old who never expected he'd get as far as he did with his first film. Ironically now, as a 46 year old grown-ass man, I still feel the same way. This flick's 21 year ride has been a gift, and if any of the places we're pitching see fit to help me continue telling the story of Mallrats two decades past the original expiration date and in loving memory of the late, great #JimJacks - my producer friend who made Mallrats happen in the first place? Well, let's just say that would be the exact opposite of a stink-palm. @jasonlee? @theshando? For nearly 2 years now, I've dreamed of seeing you both in a mall again as Brodie and Rene'. Today, I stop dreaming and try to make that fantasy a reality. Jim? This one's for you... #KevinSmith #jasonlee #stanlee #shannondoherty #jaymewes #michaelrooker."

Kevin Smith revealed in May 2015 that his script for the movie sequel was complete, entitled MallBrats. The filmmaker revealed on Instagram last year that the script was 113 pages and dedicated to late producer Jim Jacks, although no plot details were released. We don't know how that movie script will be configured into a pilot script for this new TV series, or if the TV series will be an hour-long or a half-hour show.

Production on the movie sequel was originally set to take place at the Exton Square Mall in Exton, Pennsylvania in January 2016, with Kevin Smith returning as Silent Bob, alongside Joey Lauren Adams (Gwen), Renée Humphrey (Trish) and Sven-Ole Thorsen (LaFours), Jason Mewes (Jay), Ethan Suplee (William), Jason Lee (Brodie), Stan Lee (Himself), Michael Rooker (Mr Svenning), Shannen Doherty (Rene) and Jeremy London (T.S. Quint) reprising their roles. The director hasn't confirmed if they will all be back for the TV series, but it seems likely given the names he mentions in the Instagram post. The director did confirm earlier this year that the series will still be shot at the Exton Square Mall.

The original 1995 comedy Mallrats centered on Brodie and his friend T.S., who were both dumped by their girlfriends on the same day. They both seek refuge at their local mall, where T.S. comes up with a plan to win his girlfriend back, which involves crashing a game show set to be filmed at the mall, run by her father (Michael Rooker). Kevin Smith will most certainly keep fans updated through social media if MallBrats does in fact find a home. Take a look at his Instagram photo below.

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