Frankie Muniz is poking fun at the excessive number of TV show reboots by teasing the return of the classic comedy series Malcolm in the Middle. To be clear, there are no official plans to revive the series, though it's starting to appear Muniz would be on board if such a project were to come to fruition. "All these reboots of dumb ass TV shows, yet we still have no idea what Malcolm is up to," Muniz writes in a recent tweet. Even if the tweet was written as a joke, it's not difficult at all to picture an updated version of the show, with an older Malcolm now serving as the patriarch of his own family.

The original run of Malcolm in the Middle lasted from 2000 to 2006, spanning seven seasons and 151 episodes. Critically acclaimed and very popular, the show was also a hit at the awards shows, winning multiple Emmys and Golden Globes along with Peabody and Grammy Awards. Muniz stars as the titular middle child of the family, with Christopher Kennedy Masterson, Justin Berfield, and Erik Per Sullivan playing his brothers. Bryan Cranston and Jane Kaczmarek also co-starred as Malcolm's parents. Primarily, the series focused on Malcolm's genius-level intelligence and his troubles at home and at school, but the show delved further into each of the other characters as the seasons went by.

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While there have never been any official reunion specials for the series, an alternate ending to the AMC series Breaking Bad featured Cranston and Kaczmarek reprising their roles. In the clip, the two are sleeping in bed when Cranston (as Hal) suddenly wakes up, revealing everything that happened in Breaking Bad to be nothing more than a nightmare. As the video comes to a close, Heisenberg's trademark hat can be seen on a chair by Hal's bedside. None of the other characters from Malcolm in the Middle are shown in this alternate ending, but it's the closest thing to a sequel to the comedy series we've ever gotten.

During and after his time on Malcolm in the Middle, Muniz kept himself busy with a plethora of other movie and TV roles. This includes Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, and the Agent Cody Banks movies. More recently, Muniz hasn't been portraying other characters quite as much, though he can still be seen on television quite often. After previously appearing on the dancing competition series Dancing with the Stars, Muniz now serves as the host of the spin-off for kids, Dancing with the Stars: Juniors. Perhaps the chance to reprise the role of Malcolm as an adult will entice Frankie Muniz to put his actor's hat back on.

The tweet from Muniz was likely made in jest, though it does bring up the subject of potentially rebooting Malcolm in the Middle. If other classic sitcoms like Full House can have a resurgence, then it's certainly possible to see Muniz as Malcolm in a continuation series. In the age of Hollywood remakes and reboots, you never know. You can take a look at the original tweet below, courtesy of Frankie Muniz on Twitter.