Netflix, Inc. today announced Mako Mermaids, a new adventure from the creators of global hit teen series H2O: Just Add Water is splashing down on July 26 exclusively on Netflix, the world's leading Internet TV Network.

Mako's Mermaids Photo

Mako Mermaids revisits an enchanting world of magic and adventure introduced in H2O: Just Add Water, a long-running Australian series from Jonathan M. Shiff Productions that has captured the imagination of young audiences in over 120 countries and has become a huge favorite of Netflix members in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland and the Nordics.

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Here's what Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos had to say about Mako Mermaids joining the Netflix lineup.

"We are thrilled to be the exclusive home of Mako Mermaids in all Netflix territories. H2O hit an amazing chord with teens around the world who love the clever mixture of action, comedy and romance that Jonathan M. Shiff and his talented team have created."

Executive producer Jonathan M. Shiff, who produced the 26 episode series in association with Screen Australia, Network Ten, ZDF Enterprises and Screen Queensland, also released his own statement about working with Netflix.

"Netflix is the perfect home for Mako Mermaids. Our fans love to watch the show how and when they want and they often return again and again to enjoy their favorite episodes."

Fred Burcksen, Executive VP and COO of ZDF Enterprises, who are in charge of international sales of the series and brokered the deal, released his own statement.

"Mako Mermaids will delight the hundreds of millions of fans around the world who have fallen in love with the world created in H2O and we are really pleased to make the series available on such an innovative platform as Netflix."

Following on where H2O: Just Add Water left off, mischievous teen mermaids Lyla, Nixie and Sirena, guardians of Mako Island, fail to stop 16 year old boy Zac from falling into the sacred Moon Pool and becoming a Merman. Risk being cast out forever, the mermaids must get legs, venture onto land and take back Zac's new powers.

The first thirteen episodes of Mako Mermaids will launch in all Netflix territories on July 26 while the thrilling second half of the season will arrive in September.