An extra on the set of Madam Secretary caused a brawl at the craft services table. The political drama stars Tea Leoni and was shooting in Whippany, New Jersey when the fight broke out late last week. There were several hundred extras on the set because they were shooting an outdoor speech scene where Leoni's character addresses the crowd. While there were several hundred extra actors on the set, the fight was only between one extra and two craft service workers.

During a break in shooting, the extras all went straight to the craft services table where an unnamed extra decided to cut in line. Witnesses say a woman working at the craft services table asked the man to go back to the end of the line. Apparently, the man did not like that answer and proceeded to shove the woman. According to sources, the woman's husband, who also works craft services, instantly jumped over the table and punched the unnamed man in the face.

After the first punch landed, the unnamed man flew back into a table that had food on it, while the husband jumped on top of him and repeatedly hit him in the face. Sources say cops had to pick the husband off the actor, who was later taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries. As of this writing, there have been no arrests and there more than likely won't be since the employee was simply defending his wife. Producers on Madame Secretary have yet to publicly speak out about the matter.

Tensions can run high on TV and movie sets, especially when there is food involved. Long shooting hours and a lot of standing around is bound to get on just about anybody's nerves, so it's actually pretty amazing that things like this don't happen more often. Regardless the unnamed extra actor probably won't be getting any acting gigs for a while due to his behavior and it's going to take some time for his face to properly heal after getting hit multiple times.

Madame Secretary stars Tea Leoni as Elizabeth McCord, the former Secretary of State who became President. The show is currently in its sixth season, which will be its last. The first five seasons focused on McCord as the Secretary of State for the United States. By the end of season 5, McCord announced her plans to run for President. Season 6 premiered in October and revealed that McCord had won and is now the President of the United States. The show airs Sundays on CBS and has a devoted audience that tunes in each week. With that being said, the ratings have only gotten lower as the show stayed on the air. Around 8.12 million viewers watch season 5 on average, while the first season had an average of 14.6 million viewers every Sunday. TMZ was the first to break the craft services fight story.