The first photos has been unveiled for Season 6 of Mad Men, returning to AMC sometime next year. These new shot features Don Draper (Jon Hamm) relaxing on a Hawaiian vacation with his wife Megan (Jessica Paré), which is somewhat surprising given what happened in the Season 5 finale. Take a look at the happy couple in their beach attire, then read on for more details. There will be spoilers below if you haven't watched Season 5 in its entirety.

Mad Men Season 6 First look Photo
Mad Men Season 6 First look Photo 2
Mad Men Season 6 First look Photo 3

The Season 5 finale ended with a foreboding scene that seemed to indicate that Don was heading for his second divorce. This notion was even backed up by series creator Matthew Weiner, who said in a Season 5 recap video that Megan may be "gone." Regardless of that cryptic scene, it looks like everything is fine and dandy with the Drapers...For now.