Alison Brie has revealed an embarrassing behind-the-scenes story from her days working on Mad Men. The gig was one of the actress' first big roles and she went through great lengths to make a good impression on the cast and crew. Brie portrayed Trudy Campbell on the hit AMC series, starring alongside Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser, January Jones, and more. From there, Brie went on to star in Community, and later, Netflix's hit show GLOW.

Mad Men takes place in the 1960s, which means that the actors all had to dress in period-correct outfits, which wasn't always very comfortable for the women on the set. In a new interview with Justin Long, Alison Brie discussed a bathroom complication that she went through because of her outfit. "On Mad Men once there was a peeing incident... because we wore girdles, which you probably don't understand what a girdle is, but it's basically like biker shorts that go all the way up to our ribs, and it's like time-period appropriate."

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When it comes down to it, Alison Brie didn't know that girdle was actually her character's underwear. "I didn't know, for the first season of Mad Men, that you weren't really supposed to wear underwear under them, because they are underwear," Brie explained. She went on to say, "So I was rushing to set... Mad Men was my first real job so I didn't ever want to be the problem person... So I rushed to the bathroom .. [I] tried to pull the hole open, but I didn't pull my underwear to the side so I'm peeing and not hearing it hit the bowl and then I just feel warmth." The actress basically peed in her costume on the set, and she had to quickly think of a way to get back to filming.

In order to quickly get back to work, Alison Brie says, "just dabbed it with a bunch of toilet paper" and returned to set "because they're waiting on me... I don't want to lose my job." Brie continued through a few takes with her wet girdle. "Our costume designer, [Katherine Jane Bryant], came over and was like, 'You look amazing!' And I was like, 'Thanks.' And she was like, 'What's wrong?'" So, the actress explained the situation to Bryant. "'It wouldn't be the first time [this has happened], I'll bring [a new] one up here!' She couldn't have been better about it," Brie said. Thankfully, that incident only happened once to Brie on the set of Mad Men.

Netflix recently canceled GLOW, which came as a shock to fans and the cast. The streaming service previously announced that the upcoming forth season would be its last, but three weeks into filming, the industry went through some major changes. Netflix decided to pull the plug instead of waiting out the public health crisis, though fans are hopeful that the show will be wrapped up in some way. As for Mad Men, the hit AMC series ended back in 2015. You can listen to the entire interview with Alison Brie over at the Life is Short with Justin Long podcast.