Luke Cage Season 1 hasn't even been made available to fans yet, but there is already some very potentially exciting talk of what may be on the way for season 2. While it is far from confirmed at this point, in fact, it still seems like a long shot, there has been a tease that Iron Fist may be joining up with Luke Cage for Season 2. Yes, we may (emphasis on may) be getting a Heroes for Hire on Netflix.

Cheo Hodari Coker, the showrunner for Luke Cage, recently did an interview with Decider. While most of us are still eagerly awaiting the show's first season, naturally, there was some talk of where Luke Cage Season 2 could go. Coker did say that Heroes for Hire won't be the subject of Season 1, but didn't rule it down for later on. Here is what he had to say.

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"Now in my mind - we don't go into Heroes for Hire in Season One of Luke Cage* - Luke Cage Season One is ultimately about the evolution of a hero."

While that may not sound like much, some knowledge of Luke Cage coupled with another comment that Cheo Hodari Coker made during the interview gives us some hope. The "evolution" of that hero eventually leads him to teaming up with Finn Jones aka Iron Fist. The two are known as the Heroes for Hire, which is what many fans seem to want and seems like a possibility. So, after season 1, a logical place to go in his "evolution" after working with Iron Fist in The Defenders would be a Heroes for Hire situation. When asked about it point blank, here is what the showrunner had to say.

"Well, I mean Finn Jones will be in the mix for The Defenders. In terms of Luke Cage, Netflix has to order a second season first. And trust me, I don't take any of this for granted...We're not treating it as a one-off, and I'm confident people will dig the show, but, trust me, like Season Two, I've got a few ideas. But we really won't get ready until Netflix sees the viewership, and hopefully the subscriptions that will come from this show, and then they'll say, 'Let's get into it.'"

Given the success of the Marvel Netflix shows so far with Daredevil and Jessica Jones, it seems very unlikely that a second season won't happen. Not to mention that Luke Cage already appeared in Jessica Jones and was seen as one of the highlights of that series. Plus, even though only a handful of critics have seen season 1 of Luke Cage, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Assuming that Iron Fist is also well received, and we have no reason to believe it won't be at this point, doing a Heroes for Hire show could be a very cool and interesting way to change things up for both Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

The original Heroes for Hire run in Marvel Comics saw Luke Cage and Iron Fist teaming up to open Heroes for Hire Inc., where people could seek them out and hire them for their superpowered services. It would be a pretty unique thing to see in the superhero landscape and could lend itself to a more episodic type of storytelling, as opposed to something that is very heavily serialized. We will have to wait and see how Luke Cage season 1 turns out when it arrives on Netflix September 30.