It's been just five days since Marvel and Netflix released the first season of their third superhero series, Luke Cage, and many fans have already binged through these episodes. For those who haven't quite started, or are getting ready to dive back in for repeat viewings, an intriguing Easter Egg has surfaced which is worthy of a closer look. This Easter Egg doesn't reference or pay homage to anyone or anything in the Marvel Comics or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but rather a cinematic classic from 31 years ago, Back to the Future.

A Reddit user dubbed "Leahcimwerf" made this discovery from a Luke Cage episode that features a newspaper article about young Carl Lucas (Clifton Cutrary) and Willis Stryker (Jared Kemp) being arrested for grand theft auto. However, there is another article on the right-hand side of this story that chronicles "local inventor Martin Brown," who was recognized for his "contributions to science" at the 35th Annual Benefactor's Ball. We're not exactly sure how the Redditor spotted this incredible Easter Egg, but it gets even better.

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The article goes on to list a number of slightly-off Back to the Future references, such as the "Thrust Capacitor," instead of the Flux Capacitor, along with mentions of Brown's "impulsive and bombastic behavior." There are no connections mentioned between Doc Brown and any of the Luke Cage characters. Along with references to plutonium and time travel, the article mentions how he came "under fire" in 1985, the same year Back to the Future was released, for including a teenaged boy named Mac Fly, instead of Marty McFly, in his experiments, from the neighboring town of Mill Valley, instead of Hill Valley from the movie. Here's the full text from the article below, before it is cut off, which reveals the Easter Eggs.

"Local inventor Martin Brown was reenergized for his contributions to science at the 35th Annual Benefactor's Ball here in Savannah last Thursday. Brown, a lifelong resident of the community, has recently developed what he calls the 'Thrust Capacitor,' a device that desalinizes ocean water for repurposing. It also is the device that could one day make time travel possible. 'We currently don't have the resources to make this type of travel possible, but one day, when plutonium is available at every corner drugstore, perhaps that day, we could achieve it.' Brown has always been known for his impulsive and sometimes bombastic behavior, but he was all smiles when he received the Savannah Civic Award in Scientific Achievement. Brown went under fire in 1985 for including a teenaged boy in his experiments. Many onlookers thought that Brown perhaps had an inappropriate relationship with Mac Fly, a high school student from neighboring town Mill Valley. 'The Doc and me have always been...'"

Before Luke Cage debuted, showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker unveiled the first three episode titles, Moment of Truth, Code of The Streets and Who's Gonna Take The Weight?, which are all titles of Gang Starr songs. The showrunner confirmed at Comic-Con that every episode will be titled after a Gang Starr song. Hopefully we'll learn about more obscure Luke Cage Easter Eggs as fans continue to stream the series on Netflix. Take a look at the newspaper below with the Back to the Future Easter Egg.