It is the beginning of the end for Lucifer. It has been confirmed that season 6 of the DC Comics series has begun filming for Netflix. Meanwhile, co-showrunner Joe Henderson also confirmed that the second half of season 5 has also wrapped. They wasted no time in getting to work on the final season, which will bring an end to the series that is getting an unexpectedly extended run.

Joe Henderson shared the news on Twitter. Season 5B picked up production towards the end of September, with the final episode now in the can. Henderson then confirmed that they have moved on to Lucifer season 6, which Netflix has definitively confirmed will conclude the series. Here's what Henderson had to say about it.

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"Today is our first day of shooting #Lucifer season 6! So happy we've finished up season 5, and we will be working our buns off to get it finished and to Netflix! Thanks to our incredible cast and crew for working hard and safe and delivering a kickass finale!!"

The show originally aired on Fox for its first three seasons before being canceled. Fans then rallied behind Lucifer online, which led to Netflix picking up the rights. Following the success of season 4, it was renewed for an additional season which was originally billed as its final. Instead, later in the game, the streaming service extended season 5 and picked it up for a sixth season as well. Though that was complicated at first as there was trouble getting a deal done with Star Tom Ellis. But he officially closed his deal back in May, cementing the show's continuation.

Lucifer originally debuted in 2016 on Fox and is based on the DC Comics character of the same name. The show sees the Lord of Hell bored and unhappy with his life. He leaves his post and instead opts to take up a radically different life in Los Angeles. Once there, he ends up helping the LAPD, detective Chloe Decker in particular. The first half of season 5, which dropped in August, saw Lucifer's twin brother Michael secretly take the devil's place on Earth while he was visiting Hell. Lucifer was forced to return in order to face the mess his brother made of his life. He also finally confronted his feelings for Chloe.

The series also stars Lauren German (Chloe Decker), Kevin Alejandro (Dan Espinoza), D.B. Woodside (Amenadiel), Lesley-Ann Brandt (Mazikeen), Scarlett Estevez (Trixie Espinoza), Aimee Garcia (Ella Lopez) and Rachael Harris (Linda Martin). There is no word yet on when the second half of season 5 will be coming down the pipeline, though it is expected sometime in early 2021. It will consist of an additional eight episodes. It hasn't been revealed if Lucifer season 6 will arrive in later 2021, or if Netflix will hold it until 2022 to squeeze all of the juice they can out of it. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any further details are made available. You can check out the update from Joe Henderson's Twitter.