That's a wrap on Lucifer as co-showrunner Joe Henderson has announced that the popular series is on its final day of filming. While it's sad to see that the end is nigh, the good news is that the premiere date for season 5B on Netflix has finally been revealed, with the Tom Ellis-led series returning to the streamer with new episodes on May 28. It will all conclude with the sixth and final season, which Henderson is just now finishing up with the cast and crew.

"We have the best fans!!! Last day of shooting #Lucifer, and what a wonderful sendoff from the Lucifans," Henderson writes as the hashtag #ThankYouLucifer trends on Twitter.

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Ahead of the show's sixth and final season, Lucifer has something huge in store for fans with season 5B. The new episodes will bring in Dennis Haysbert as God, and it sounds like his arrival will naturally have a major impact on the story. Lucifer star D.B. Woodside recently told TV Line that the series will pick up "literally two seconds from where we ended, and Amenadiel is absolutely humiliated that God saw him behaving the way that he was with his brothers because as the oldest, he's really supposed to be the one that sets the example - and he was not doing that!"

"One of the big things that we said when we agreed to season 6 is that we did not want to change season 5 because we love season 5," Henderson also told Collider in an interview last year. "When the back half gets released from season 5, when season 5B gets released, I think people will see how much the whole season fits together like, I think, a beautiful jigsaw puzzle. I love it."

He added: "We didn't want to change the ending, but what we did is we just ended Season 5. We basically lopped off the act six that Ildy was in the middle of writing, and these stories that we sort of were speeding through anyways, we realized, in retrospect, we were sort of moving really fast on some things and summarizing moments that could actually be stories."

It's always unfortunate to see a great series come to an end, but we're still ultimately getting twice as many seasons as we could have. After three seasons, the series was canceled on Fox, leading to a fan campaign on social media for another network or tag/streaming/|streaming service to pick up Lucifer. Netflix capitalized on the popularity by debuting a fourth season on the streaming service to great success, and two more seasons would be developed as a result. Knowing that the end was coming also gave the Lucifer team the time to properly close out the series with a much more satisfactory conclusion.

This doesn't necessarily mean we've seen the end of Tom Ellis as Lucifer. He previously made a cameo appearance as the character in The CW's Arrowverse crossover event series Crisis on Infinite Earths. Thanks to the multi-verse, the possibility is always there for Ellis to revisit the role following season 6.

For now, fans can look forward to watching season 5B when it premieres on Netflix on May 28. There's no release date set for the sixth and final season. This news comes to us from Joe Henderson on Twitter.