Lucifer is trending on social media once again as thousands of fans celebrate the premiere of season 5B on Netflix. After originally airing on Fox for three seasons, the hit show was picked up by Netflix when it was given the boot by Fox. It was originally set to end its run at its new home after the current fifth season, but because of the popularity of the series, it has since been renewed for a sixth and final season. The first half of season 5 debuted in August, and the second batch of episodes has dropped as of May 28.

Prior to the new episodes hitting the streaming service, Netflix first released the opening scene to Twitter. Featuring Dennis Haysbert as God Himself, the scene generated a tremendous amount of excitement in the fan base heading into the season 5B premiere. If you can't start binge-watching the new episodes just yet but still have about three and a half minutes to spare, you can watch that scene in the tweet below.

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Many fans have already started to dive into the new episodes, and Lucifer is trending once again as tens of thousands of fans express their excitement. One fan posted to Twitter, "It's the day, it's our day, the day in which we will have the answers that we need! It's Lucifer Season5B day! I'm excited at the maximum level and ready (ok, probably not ready at all...)"

"Its Lucifer Season5B time," says another fan. "I just wanna hear 'Hello detective' Again..... And the show begins...."

"My Gosh.. I'm just starting to watch Lucifer 5B," another tweet reads. "I'll be back when I watch all the episodes. I look forward to discussing with you! All those who have already watched, please write what your feelings and impressions are, I am very curious."

Many fans had already been counting down the hours on the clock for season 5b to arrive and, having since binge-watched all eight new episodes, fans are already pining for season 6, with one person writing: "After finishing Lucifer Season 5B in one sitting, After enjoying all the thrills and excitement, bursting into laughter, shedding tears... And after falling in love all over again with @tomellis17 aka Lucifer Morningstar.... I am soooo ready for Lucifer Season 6."

"Till last night I was eagerly waiting for Lucifer Season 5B to finally release. . . . Less than 24 hours, and I've already started pining for Season 6," says someone else. "6 hours of content gone in a poof! Why God? Why?"

Excited for season 6 but also saddened about seeing the end of the series in sight, another fan added, "so we are waiting for season 6 as the LAST season and after that, we are not gonna wait anymore bc Lucifer has come to an end."

Ultimately, six seasons for Lucifer is still much better than the three we would have gotten if nobody picked the series up after Fox canceled it. Netflix hasn't yet set a release date for the sixth and final season. You can start watching episodes from season 5B now on Netflix.