Lucifer will be back next month with a revival on Netflix, and the streaming giant has just released the official trailer for Season 4. Last year, the show had been axed by Fox following its third season, despite a social media blitz to keep Lucifer alive. This left fans distraught, as Season 3 had concluded with a painful cliffhanger. Fortunately, Netflix swooped in to pick up the series last summer, and the new episodes will all be available to stream beginning on May 8.

Like many other Netflix shows, Season 4 will consist of ten episodes, which is a bit of a drop from Season 3's count of 26 episodes. Still, fans will be able to binge them all in a day if they choose, meaning there's no more waiting from week to week for each new episode of Lucifer.

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In 2016, Lucifer first premiered on Fox. Developed by Tom Kapinos, the show is based on a DC Comics character created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg. On the series, Tom Ellis stars as Lucifer Morningstar, perhaps better known to the world as the Devil. Ellis was joined in the cast by Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, D. B. Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, and Rachael Harris. The show tells the story of Lucifer leaving Hell for Los Angeles, where he starts his own nightclub and begins working with the LAPD. While using the Devil as the protagonist has caused controversy with some religious groups, the unique premise attracted enough viewers to give the series a dedicated fan base.

At the start, Lucifer had drawn high ratings for Fox and was considered an instant hit. By the end of Season 3, however, ratings had fallen significantly. While over two million people were still tuning in by the finale, the numbers just weren't high enough for Fox, and the choice was made to let the series die. Co-showrunner Joe Henderson sought to keep it going with a #SaveLucifer social media campaign, which led to a very positive response as well as a fan petition for Season 4. With the show being shopped around to various networks and streaming services about a possible revival, Netflix acquired Lucifer just a month after its Fox cancellation, ordering the production of Season 4 right away.

As the new trailer shows, Lucifer will be reuniting with Eve - the "original sinner" herself. It's not yet clear what Adam's old girlfriend wants from Lucifer. Will she be seeking vengeance for Lucifer luring her with sin out of the garden of Eden at the dawn of time? This will apparently be a mystery that will be solved in the new episodes of Lucifer when the show returns on Netflix next month. Of course, using Eve as a potential antagonist with the Devil serving as the story's hero continues to keep the story of the show interesting.

While it remains to be seen if Netflix will continue Lucifer past Season 4, fans will undoubtedly be happy to see the new episodes next month. Letting the show die with the Season 3 cliffhanger would have been an unfortunate end for the series. Let's hope the series will continue to be as creatively strong as it was before on its new streaming service. You can check out the official trailer for Season 4 below direct from Netflix streaming Youtube channel.