Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Season 3 is set to premiere on Crackle January 2, and one of the most anticipated guests is comedian Louis C.K. His hit FX series actually has a lot in common with host Jerry Seinfeld's timeless sitcom Seinfeld, so naturally, talk about the two series came up.

One of the subjects that was broached by Jerry was when Louis planned on ending his show.

With Louie about to enter Season 4 later this year, C.K. revealed that he wants to bring the show to a close in either its 7th or 8th season. Something that Seinfeld disagrees with.

The host, who ended his own show with Season 9, believes that the two sitcoms are vastly different, and where he knew he needed to bring his series to a close, he sees Louie as something that could live on forever and grow with Louis C.K. as he gets older.

Here is their exchange:

Jerry Seinfeld: How many years [do] you think you'll do your show?

Louis C.K.: I'd say 7 or 8, tops.

Jerry Seinfeld: Why? Why would you ever stop?

Louis C.K.: You stopped after 9 years.

Jerry Seinfeld: Yeah, but your show's different. Your show can grow with you, my show was about four single people living this certain type of lifestyle. We didn't want to do Kramer's fiftieth birthday party.

You can check out more of their interaction from the upcoming January 2nd episode in the trailer that launched earlier this week.