The dominoes continue to fall in the wake of Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment scandal, that has sent a ripple effect throughout the industry. Many people are speaking up about sexual harassment now and companies are taking a firm stance and parting ways with those who behave in such a way. Nickelodeon recently suspended Chris Savino, creator of The Loud House, and just a day later has terminated him over sexual harassment allegations. Here's the full statement from Nickelodeon on the matter.

"Chris Savino is no longer working with Nickelodeon. We take allegations of misconduct very seriously, and we are committed to fostering a safe and professional workplace environment that is free of harassment or other kinds of inappropriate conduct. The Loud House, which is currently in its second season, will continue to air on Nickelodeon and be in production. Season three is scheduled to premiere in early 2018."

Chris Savino has been an important voice in animation over the years, having worked on shows like Rocko's Modern Life and Powerpuff Girls, in addition to creating The Loud House. As many as 12 women have come forward accusing him of harassing them, which ranged from sexual advances to threat of blacklisting them after ending a relationship. Nickelodeon Group president Cyma Zarghami sent out this memo in the wake of this incident, stating their parent company Viacom's overall commitment to a safe work environment and encouraged anyone who feels uncomfortable in any way to speak up.

"Nickelodeon is incredibly successful at the moment and continues to thrive because of the people who work here. You put your heart and soul into what you do. And we are committed to giving you the tools and resources you need to succeed and thrive here. Something we have long provided, as has the whole of Viacom, is a commitment to fostering a safe and professional workplace environment. It is one of our foundational principles, and it is non-negotiable. This principle is not an idea that can be pushed solely from the top down. It is everyone's responsibility to contribute to our culture, to value one another, and to promote inclusivity and respect on all levels. I have been at the company for more than 30 years, and since the beginning of my time here, I have come into the office, and left it every day, feeling that we are doing good work, that we are good people, and that it is a privilege and responsibility to create great characters and stories for kids. In the current climate, it feels necessary to say that if you should encounter an uncomfortable situation at work, or witness one, you are safe to speak up. If you hear something, and are unsure of what to do, you are safe to tell your supervisor or Human Resources. If you need help, in any way, you are safe to ask for it. We value each and every one of you just as much as we collectively value our audience, and I am proud of the incredible brand and business we have built."

In addition to Nickelodeon letting go of Chris Savino, Vox Media has also parted ways with Lockhart Steele. The now-former editorial director for Vox was accused of having an "inappropriate relationship" with an employee, via a spreadsheet titled Sh*tty Media Men that went viral. Here's Vox's statement on the firing of Steele.

"Hi team, I am writing to let you know that earlier this evening Lockhart Steele was terminated effective immediately. Lock admitted engaging in conduct that is inconsistent with our core values and will not be tolerated at Vox Media. Our investigation into issues raised by a former employee in a post on Medium continues. Anyone with information should contact our external investigation leads. Vox Media is committed to fostering a safe and welcoming community, and appreciates everyone who has been willing to speak up and share information during the course of this investigation."

The Weinstein Company has been reeling ever since Harvey Weinstein's years of sexual misconduct were made public. Other companies, like Nickelodeon and Vox, are making it clear they aren't going to tolerate this kind of behavior anymore. For fans of The Loud House, Deadline notes that the show's production schedule will in no way be affected by Chris Savino's firing, which is certainly nice to hear for fans. There's no reason to punish them, or the others working hard on the show, over something like this.