Dayna Grant, The Lord of the Rings stuntwoman, who has worked on movies such as Wonder Woman and Mad Max: Fury Road, as well as shows like The Walking Dead and Ash vs Evil Dead, has discovered she needs emergency surgery on a brain aneurysm. The performer had the problem revealed in a scan needed after filming a scene for the upcoming Amazon series in which she took a blow. The scan revealed the aneurysm and an issue with her spine, both thought to be a result of years in the industry and not from the injury sustained on the set of the upcoming show.

The news was shared by, a Lord of the Rings fan website. The site has been keeping a close eye on the production of the new series based on the works of JRR Tolkien. They also provided a link to a fundraising page that is aiming to pay the $NZ60,000 needed to pay for the surgery privately, as she otherwise faces a four month wait for the emergency operation via public healthcare.

RELATED: Lord of the Rings TV Show Casting Call Is Searching for 'Funky Looking People' said in their tweet, "LOTR stuntwoman Dayna Grant has taken a huge hit on the Amazon set recently, and is now going for emergency surgery on a brain aneurysm and spinal issue. NZ film industry is stepping up to support her family." Of the many replies offering support to the performer, there were many questioning why in a project reported to be costing in excess of $1 billion in total, the company behind Grant's new show, Amazon, could not put up the money for the surgery. Instead, those behind the webpage were begging the public to collectively muster the money.

The webpage described Grant's situation in more detail saying that, Dayna was experiencing symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury and was sent for Neuroimaging CT and MRI scans. Unfortunately, the scans revealed a 8mm aneurysm and upper spinal (neck) injuries. The surgeons recommended immediate surgery. As is often the case with these things insurance and liability are a maze of red tape and could result in a life threatening delay through the Public Health system. Immediate, private surgery costs $NZ60,000. Due to the cost of this surgery we would like to give Dayna's friends, film family, including the stunt community and fans of her work around the world, the opportunity to help. Dayna is not only a world class stunt woman, but a mother of 3 (her youngest, Ryder is 7) and pioneer for the arts within her community. She also runs a stunt school based in New Zealand and works with youth.

To further put Amazon to shame, since the page was created yesterday, it has already surpassed the goal by over NZ$12,000 at the time of writing. For one of the best known stuntwomen in the business, it shows how people can come together when needed, while the companies who could have quietly and easily helped out remain silent in the background, which was the sentiment among Twitter users who called out the company for not stepping in to help.

With the money now in place, thanks to the generosity of over 930 contributors, we hope that Grant gets the surgery needed and is soon able to be back doing what she does best on the set of another action packed blockbuster in future. This story comes to us from comicbook.