Our first look at the Loki Disney+ series has been revealed. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige presented Walt Disney investors with the very first concept art for the highly anticipated series over the weekend, which brings Tom Hiddleston back as the God of Mischief. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were pretty bummed to see Loki die at the beginning of Infinity War at the hands of Thanos. However, things were given a better spin in Avengers: Endgame when he appeared again during the Battle of New York and mischievously escaped.

Little is known about the Loki series, other than the fact that Tom Hiddleston is starring and Michael Waldron is the showrunner. With that being said, there have been several reports about the show taking place at different times in human history with the God of Mischief popping up in random places. Loki may have a secret role in our history. The concept art Kevin Feige shared seemingly shows Loki in 1975 out in the street with some old cars, while a movie theater marquee has Jaws displayed.


In addition to the concept art, Kevin Feige also introduced investors to the official Loki series logo. It has a mix of upper and lowercase letters and looks rather mischievous, which make a lot of sense for the character. As for the year 1975, it isn't clear why Loki would be on Earth during this time, unless he really wants to see Jaws in a movie theater for the first time. With that being said, 1975 is the year the Vietnam War finally came to a close. Maybe we'll learn Loki secretly had something to do with the war ending.

There are plenty of other places Loki could pop up in Earth's long history, if the reports of him time traveling prove to be true. Like everything else Marvel Studios does, they are keeping the details about the show tightly under wraps, along with the Falcon & Winter Soldier series and the WandaVision series. The studio is reportedly also working on a Hawkeye series, but that has yet to be confirmed at this time. Jeremy Renner played coy when he was asked about it, but it seems highly likely it will become a reality in the near future.


Elizabeth Olsen revealed the WandaVision series will more than likely be made up of about six hours. As far as episode length and the amount of episodes, that is unclear at the moment. However, this proves these MCU shows are going to be pretty massive in scope. Kevin Feige has talked about his excitement to tell different stories in a way which is a lot closer to the comic book experience and having six hours to do so is pretty huge. MCU fans should start to get pretty excited about now. You can check out the Loki concept art and logo below, thanks to Disney.