"The Nexus Event", the fourth Loki episode, surprisingly begins on Asgard. Young Sylvie (Cailey Flemming) plays with her dragon and valkyrie dolls. A time portal opens, she's snatched by Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) as a hunter, "On the authority of the Time-Keepers, I arrest you for crimes against the Sacred Timeline." They yank her back to the TVA and reset her timeline. Slyvie is run through the TVA booking process. But in her appearance before the judge, she stomps Ravonna's foot, bites her, and grabs her TemPad. She opens a portal and escapes.

In the present, Ravonna enters the Time-Keepers chambers. The opening credits roll. Mobius (Owen Wilson) confronts her after the meeting. The Time-Keepers are furious at them. He begs to "access Hunter C-20 (Sasha Lane)." Mobius wants to know why she kept repeating the phrase, "It's real." Ravonna tells him that C-20 is dead. She lost her mind after being "scrambled by the Variant." She tells Mobius to keep C-20's death a secret. Ravonna doesn't want "people to panic."

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On Lamentis-1, cities are destroyed by the falling meteors. Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston) sit across from each other on rocks and watch the apocalypse. Loki apologizes. Sylvie speaks of her memories from Asgard and how she escaped the TVA. Her "reality was erased" as a child. Sylvie ran "for a long time". She continually created nexus events and sent "up a smoke flare." Until she "figured out where to hide, I grew up in the ends of a thousand worlds." They watch as the moon looms closer to the planet.

At the TVA, B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku) and Mobius watch the timeline for a sign. He lies about the news of C-20. On Lamentis-1, the planet is pummelled by massive impacts. Sylvie asks if Lokis are "destined to lose." Loki acknowledges they "lose painfully", but "don't die" and "survive." He calls her "amazing" for surviving. She touches his arm.

At the TVA, they receive a "temporal lock" on a "nexus event." On Lamentis-1, a meteor crashes on the horizon, sending a shockwave of debris towards them. They hold hands and stare at each other as death approaches. At the TVA, they've "never seen a timeline branch like that." On Lamentis-1, two portals open behind them. Loki and Sylvie are taken back to the TVA. They are collared and separated.

Mobius wonders if Loki has any "quips" for the situation. The Minutemen drag him back into "Time Theater 5." Mobius calls him "an a**hole" and "bad friend." He opens another portal. Loki tells him, "The TVA is lying to you." He's tossed through and appears on Asgard. A furious Lady Sif (Jamie Alexander) approaches with a lock of her cut hair, "You conniving, craven, pathetic worm! You did this!" She punches Loki, knees him in the genitals, and walks away in a huff. The scene repeats over and over again as Loki is imprisoned in a time loop.

At the TVA, Mobius comes to Ravonna's office. He wants to interrogate Sylvie, but she flatly refuses. He begs, but she doesn't budge, "Work your Loki." Outside "Time Theater 47", he chats briefly with B-15. She asks, " Did Loki say anything?" He told her what Loki said about the "TVA lying to him." She walks away distressed.

In the time loop, Loki apologizes to Sif. He acknowledges being "a narcissist" who's "scared of being alone." She replies, "You are alone and will always be". Mobius appears, "You ready to talk?" In the time theater, Mobius interrogates Loki. He wants to know, "How long have you been working for the Variant." Loki spins an elaborate tale of how everything was his grand plan. He won't talk until Mobius explains what caused "the nexus event between them." Mobius lies and says Sylvie has "already been pruned." He's officially the "superior" Loki.

Loki tears up and is deeply affected. Mobius can see he cares for her, "Especially you, forming this kind of sick, twisted romantic relationship." Mobius admits Sylvie is still alive. Loki then screams the truth, "You are all Variants. Everyone who works for the TVA." They were "kidnapped by the Time-Keepers" and had their "memories erased." He tells Mobius that Sylvie "can access those memories through enchantment." Mobius calls the Minutemen to throw Loki back in the loop. But before he's tossed in, Loki calls Mobius "the biggest liar" for lying to himself.

B-15 looks at a TVA poster. She grabs a baton and enters Sylvie's theater. B-15 puts the baton away and opens a portal. Sylvie follows her through. In Ravonna's office, Mobius sits with her to close the case. They both sign off on the case file, "Case closed." As they drink to a job well done, Ravonna asks Mobius "where he would go in the timeline." He wonders why she wouldn't let him interrogate Sylvie. Ravonna tells him the Time-Keepers "want to personally oversee the Variant's pruning." And "they want him there too."

Mobius again brings up what happened to C-20. Ravonna is becoming suspicious of the questions. She warns "that she is trying to protect him." Mobius asks if "it's the truth." She replies, "Friends to the end, allies against time." They've seen "all of existence together", an "uncommon friendship." But when Ravonna puts Sylvie's sword on her mantle of trophies, Mobius switches her TemPad with his. He chugs his drink and feigns exhaustion to leave her office.

B-15 takes Sylvie back to the rainy Roxxcart apocalypse. Sylvie thinks she wants to fight. But B-15 wants to "know what she did to her." Sylvie "showed her life before the TVA." Sylvie "cannot create memories." B-15 doesn't want to believe her, but allows Sylvie to enchant her again. B-15 emerges from the trance in tears, "What now?"

At the TVA library, Mobius looks at the video file of C-20's interrogation on Ravonna's TemPad. C-20 told them of her life, "It was real, what I saw. This is a place that I've been." She remembered going to "the bar" and "having friends." "I am a Variant. So are you. So is every single person in this place." A shocked Mobius watches as Ravonna shuts her down.

Mobius enters Loki's time loop, "Do you believe you deserve to be alone?" Loki honestly "doesn't know." Mobius yells, "You better figure it out quick. That nexus event, whatever that connection is, can bring this whole place down." Loki swears that Sylvie did not implant those memories in C-20. Mobius tells him, "You could be whoever you want to be...maybe even someone good. Just in case anyone ever told you different."

They escape back to the theater. Ravonna and a squad of Minutemen are waiting, "I think you have something of mine." Mobius hands over the TemPad. He then answers her question from earlier. He would go "wherever it is I'm really from. Maybe I had a jet ski." "Prune him," Ravonna orders. A Minuteman hits Mobius with a baton and he disintegrates.

Ravonna checks on Sylvie in the other theater. She puts out an alert for B-15 when told she was alone with the Variant. B-15 has "been compromised." Loki and Sylvie are marched by the Minutemen to the elevator. Both collared, Ravonna takes them in by herself. Sylvie wonders if she remembers her. Ravonna does. Sylvie asks about her nexus event. What was so important to have her life destroyed. Ravonna smirks, "I don't remember."

The elevator opens at the Time-Keepers chamber. Three beings with huge heads sit on floating chairs before them, "What do you have to say before you meet your end, Variants?" Loki asks if they just brought them there to be killed. Then "do your worst." The Time-Keepers mock them for "being no threat.' Sylvie "doesn't believe that." She tries to attack, but is looped back by Ravonna.

The elevator doors opens. B-15 emerges and deactivates their collars. She looks at Ravonna, "For all time...always." B-15 throws Sylvie her sword. Ravonna yells "protect the Time-Keepers." The Minutemen knockout B-15. The four hunters attack Sylvie and Loki. They kill two, before Ravonna grabs a baton and jumps into the fight. She's easily beaten by Sylvie. Loki finishes off the last guards.

They face the Time-Keepers. Sylvie throws her sword and cuts off the lead Time-Keeper's head. It tumbles to the ground before them. She picks it up. It's "fake", a robot. The other two Time-Keepers collapse. Sylvie screams in frustration. Loki approaches her, he wants "to tell her something." He's hit by Ravonna's baton, and disintegrates before a stunned Sylvie. They fight again, but Sylvia snatches her baton. She pins Ravonna down, "You're gonna tell me everything."

In a mid-credits scene, Loki wakes up in the grass before a shattered city. Standing before him are Kid Loki (Jack Veal), Boastful Loki (Deobia Oparei), and Classic Loki. The series penultimate episode airs next Wednesday, exclusively on Disney+.

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