Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman star Dean Cain still wants to bring back the show as a revival series and has admitted he's even been writing new episodes himself. After recently appearing to speak about the show on The Talk, Cain described how the series was cut off with a cliffhanger at the end of Season 4 due to co-star Teri Hatcher's pregnancy at the time. This left some unanswered questions for fans after the series finale, as the show closed out with a baby being delivered to Lois and Clark's doorstep with no explanation. If it's up to Cain, a series revival would finally expand upon what happened after the events of the show, and he's even got some of his own ideas for it.

"I've actually been writing possibly an idea for it... I want them still together, the've got kids. What happened? Do they have babies now? How do they work that out? Do they have super powers? I think they should. And all the things you can teach them about using their super powers... I think it would be fun to explore."
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In contrast to most superhero shows, Lois & Clark focused on the domestic side of the relationship between Lois Lane and Clark Kent. It begins on the day Clark moves to Metropolis to get a job at the Daily Planet, where he meets the woman who will become his wife. John Shea and Tracy Scoggins also star as Lex Luthor and Cat Grant, respectively. The series ultimately ran for four seasons with 87 total episodes, and even with the success of the Arrowverse on The CW, Lois & Clark is still often talked about as one of the best DC-based series.

Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher have both previously expressed their desire to revive the series, although there hasn't been any indication Warner Bros. agrees at this time. It may not currently be on the slate for the studio given their focus on other popular DC properties in movies and television, but it can't be denied there are many fans who'd want to see this happen. Cain and Hatcher are still fondly remembered for their portrayals in the titular roles on Lois & Clark, and even if all it would become is a limited run just to properly close out the story, fans of the original series will definitely be tuning in.

The status of Superman on the big screen remains in question following conflicting reports about Henry Cavill's involvement in future DCEU movies. Last year, it was reported Cavill's time as the Man of Steel was over following the underwhelming performance of Justice League, though Cavill has not given this an official confirmation. However, his casting in the upcoming Netflix series The Witcher has only fueled the rumors that he is officially done as Superman. As for the small screen, the Man of Steel has been most recently portrayed by Tyler Hoechlin in the Arrowverse shows Supergirl, Arrow, and The Flash.

Even if Cain cannot reprise the role of Clark Kent, he is always bound to show up in other Superman projects as other characters. He previously appeared on the prequel series Smallville with Tom Welling as Curtis Knox, an immortal doctor based on the DC supervillain Vandal Savage. More recently, Cain also snagged a recurring role on The CW's Supergirl series playing scientist Jeremiah Danvers, Kara "Supergirl" Danvers' adoptive father. Time will tell if his dream of bringing back Lois & Clark comes to fruition, but at least Cain will be prepared. This information comes to us from The Talk on YouTube.