Dean Cain would love to return to play Superman on a Lois & Clark revival. The actor is out promoting his latest project 2050 and he was asked about the possibility of some Superman-related projects in the future. Cain, along with former co-star Teri Hatcher, have both appeared on the CW's Supergirl, albeit as different characters. The CW series takes place in an alternate universe and timeline, so it would be possible for Lois and Clark to make a return that way, but Cain has other ideas.

While Dean Cain would love to reprise his Superman role for Supergirl, he really wants to see a Lois and Clark revival series. The hit ABC series, which ran from 1993 to 1997, recently celebrated its 25th anniversary and Cain admits that he wants to see where the two characters are at this point in time. While some actors are not into the idea of playing a character that they did 25 years ago, Cain has no problem with it. He explains.

"I'd love to catch up with Lois and Clark twenty-five years later. I'd like to see what's going on with them. I mean, we've never seen that. I'm going to see Teri, in Liverpool, UK, next weekend so we'll chat about it and see what we can get going."

This isn't the first time that Dean Cain has talked about getting back into the Lois and Clark world again. Cain and Teri Hatcher took part in a 25th anniversary panel for the original show at 2018's New York Comic-Con back in October and both revealed that they want to come back and have even tried talking to people at Warner Bros. However, Hatcher said, "It's a complicated sell because they have their own plan for the superheroes (and where Superman fits in)."


At the same New York Comic-Con panel, Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher had different predictions as to where their characters would be 25 years later. The original Lois and Clark series ended with a cliffhanger when a child was mysteriously dropped off at the married couple's doorstep. Cain believes that the delivery is a Kryptonian child and Lois is mayor of Metropolis, while Clark is back to "pushing paper." Hatcher also believes that the child is Kryptonian and that Clark would struggle possibly teaching the child about his powers and trying to keep a marriage together.

While Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain would love to come back to Lois and Clark, there are currently no official plans to bring the show back. Warner Bros. is pretty busy taking care of their projects on the big and small screens. With that being said, there are a lot of fans out there who would probably love to see a Lois and Clark revival series, even if it's limited, just to check in on the characters 25 years later and resolve the cliffhanger ending. You can watch the interview with Cain below, thanks to the Nerd Soul YouTube channel. The Lois and Clark discussion begins at the 2:54 mark.