Logan Paul is back on YouTube with his first vlog since he showed a dead body hanging from a tree in Japan's Suicide Forest and receiving an instant, explosive backlash from all over the world. The video was taken down by Paul, before the Google-owned company severed business ties, starting with taking him out of their preferred advertising and then later dropping him from YouTube Red original programming. The new video, entitled Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow, is a look into the last three weeks of damage control that Logan Paul has attempted.

The original controversial video was uploaded by Logan Paul and it was called 'We Found a Dead Body in the Japanese Suicide Forest'. The incredibly insensitive video was seen millions of times, and basically showed Paul with a friend laughing at the dead body that they had discovered. However, 3 weeks later, Logan Paul is a new man with a new serious person haircut, sobered by the realities of losing money, or the realities of suicide, it's hard to tell with his goofy face donning a huge grin in the bottom right-hand corner of the video that remains there throughout the duration of the 7-minute vlog dedicated to suicide.


Logan Paul's newest, and first official vlog since the incident, starts with a man telling his personal story about jumping of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco at the age of 19 in a suicide attempt. The man reveals that he regretted the decision right after he began to free fall into the San Francisco Bay, where he was later rescued and lived to tell his story. Paul sits and listens to the man's story quietly and intently. Paul then does his best sincere voiceover. He had this to say.

"It's time to learn from the past as I get better and grow as a human being. I'm here to have hard conversations so that those who are suffering can have easier ones."

Next up, Logan Paul travels to Los Angeles to meet up with Bob Forrest who is a former musician and the founder of the Alo House Recovery Center. Forrest is visually stunned when Paul reveals that he's never known anybody or been around suicide in his life. Forrest points out that the second leading cause of death in Logan Paul's home state of Ohio is suicide. Paul replies that his ignorance of the subject is what started this whole journey to begin with.


Additionally, Logan Paul meets up with John Draper, who is the director of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Throughout the discussion, Paul listens to what Draper has to say, while his voiceover pops up every once in a while, to remind us that it's still him, the goofy dude in the bottom right-hand corner of the video. Logan Paul has pledged to give $1 million to different suicide prevention organizations in this "new chapter" of his life. The video has the right idea behind it, but is 3 weeks too soon to fully grasp the gravity of his actions? You can watch the video below, from Logan Paul's YouTube channel and judge for yourself.