The trend of comic books inspiring feature films and TV series has cooled, but still remains a minor juggernaut in today's entertainment landscape. With recent film and TV producers blurring the lines between superhero tropes and horror elements (as seen in Preacher, Outcast, and the upcoming Sony blockbuster Venom, to name just a few), IDW's Locke & Key seems a perfect candidate for breakout success. This makes the years-long struggles to bring the property off the page somewhat mind-boggling, but such is the case. A series seemed certain to come to fruition after Hulu ordered a pilot produced in 2017, but the streaming service shockingly took a pass. Though we're getting news that Netflix is scooping up the series for themselves, getting to this point has been nothing short of a battle.

The first time someone took a stab at a Locke & Key adaptation was way back in 2010 when Fox produced a TV pilot helmed by Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles showrunner Josh Friedman. When they passed on the series (which was executive produced by Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Steven Spielberg), Universal snapped up the property rights with plans to produce a feature film; obviously, it also failed to come to fruition. Hulu's attempted iteration of Locke & Key began development in 2016 and the pilot was greenlit in April 2017. Which brings us up to the present.

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Though Hulu's loss is Netflix's gain, the streaming giant is making some major changes before putting their 10-episode order of Lock & Key in front of cameras. Meredith Averill (The Good Wife) has been retained as co-showrunner and will be working alongside Carlton Cuse. Aaron Eli Coleite is now an executive producer and will be revamping Hulu's pilot script along with Locke & Key comic creator Joe Hill. Andy Muschietti (Mama, IT) was attached to direct, but is no longer available due to scheduling conflicts with IT: Chapter 2 (currently shooting in Toronto); though his replacement has not been announced, his sister and collaborator Barbara Muschietti remains on board as an executive producer. The actors who participated in the Hulu pilot are all being re-cast.

Locke & Key is more than just your typical horror comic; here's the gist for the uninitiated:

"Locke & Key revolves around three siblings who, after the gruesome murder of their father, move to their ancestral home in Maine with their mother Nina, only to find the house has magical keys that give them a vast array of powers and abilities. Little do they know, a devious demon also wants the keys, and will stop at nothing to attain them."

We don't know who Netflix has in mind in terms of recasting, nor do we have a target release date, but we'll keep our ears to the ground in order to keep you posted as additional details emerge. Stay tuned! This news first appeared on THR.