It is only the second day of Netflix Geeked Week, and they have not held back with the big guns. Having already delivered a first look behind the scenes on Neil Gaiman's Sandman adaptation, they have also brought fans of Joe Hill's Locke & Key some long awaited news on the series. It's been over a year since the streamer brought the fantasy graphic novel to life, and even though they quickly announced that a second season would be coming, there has been no further word on when it could be expected to arrive.

Now, Netflix have not only put out the first images from Locke and Key Season 2, but have given a season two premiere date of October, which is probably sooner than many hoped considering the complete drought of forthcoming information. So with our first chance to re-enter the world of supernatural portals, take a look at the sneak peek below.

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While fans of the show rejoiced on the back of the Twitter announcement, one comment buried in the middle of the many memes of joy, also suggested that it may not be long before we see a third season. @shanonandjustin posted a reply to the announcement that said, "They were filming season 3 down the street from me last week." The third season was given the go ahead back in December, but this is the first sign that filming is already being done on the new episodes.

Locke & Key is based on the comic book series co-written by Gabriel Rodriguez and Joe Hill, son of horror maestro Stephen King. Earlier in the year, Hill spoke to about the adaptation of one of his better known works.

"I loved the show. I loved what the show became," the author said. "Carlton Cuse, who's the showrunner on it, is kind of a professor of television and he made himself a student of the previous two attempts to adapt Locke & Key, which had failed, and tried to crack the puzzle of why those versions did not work. I think that Locke & Key, the comic book, was always like 'Harry Potter gone bad.' It was always a little bit like R-rated Harry Potter. Scarier. More horror."

"And I think that what he realized was there were the elements of this terrific YA fantasy thing there and that the solution to the problem was to lean into that," he went on. "So the earlier versions of Locke & Key were two parts horror and two parts fantasy. And the Netflix version is one part horror, three parts fantasy, and that seems to be the right chemical mix for TV."

Locke & Key is not the only work of Hill's to be adapted for TV and film. His novel Horns was made into a well-received movie starring Daniel Radcliffe, while NOS4A2, a supernatural vampire horror story, was adapted into a series for AMC which ran for two seasons to cover the contents of the novel before being cancelled. Netflix have already dabbled with Hill's writing, having put out In the Tall Grass in 2019, which was based on a short story written by Hill and his dad, King. As well as Locke & Key, another of Hill's short stories, The Black Phone, wrapped filming in March this year heading for a January 2022 release from Universal Pictures. With a number of the writer's other works being discussed, Hill is certainly proving to be a chip off the old block.

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