A Lizzie McGuire sequel series is in the works with original star Hilary Duff attached. The revival series is all set to premiere on the upcoming Disney+ streaming platform, which debuts later this year. Original series' creator Terri Minsky is also back on board and this will be the first project under a new overall deal that Minsky has signed with Disney for future projects. There is currently no production start date, but the project has been green lit and is currently in development.

The D23 Expo is in full swing as Disney unveils secrets about their streaming service. Attendees thought it was funny to hear Hilary Duff music before the panel started, but now they know why. In the new version of the Lizzie McGuire show, which is a sequel to the 2001 Disney Channel series, Hilary Duff will be playing the character as a "30-year-old millennial navigating life in New York City." Though other characters were not mentioned by name, it is believed there will be a lot of familiar faces joining Duff and the rest of the crew. This is news that sent the D23 crowd into a frenzy and it will undoubtedly come as a surprise for Hilary Duff fans.

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The original Lizzie McGuire series and movie franchise was a huge money maker for Disney and it launched Hilary Duff's career in the process. However, everything came to a close in 2003 when negotiations between Duff and the studio came to a halt. However, over the years, the singer/actress said she would be interested in returning to the character that made her a young superstar. With that being said, Disney and Duff apparently had no problem coming to terms with a new deal for the Disney+ streaming sequel series.

Disney+ launches on November 12th with a few different package options. Lucky attendees of the D23 Expo are able to sign up early, which is just an added bonus to the experience. If Disney fans agree to a three-year commitment, they will only be charged $3.92 a month for the upcoming streaming service, which will launch with a variety of original content, along with all of the classic material from the massive Disney vault, which sounds like it would be worth it on its own.

No release date has been announced for the Lizzie McGuire sequel series, but one has to imagine Disney will make some more announcements in the coming months. At this point in time, they are busy setting everything up that will be ready for launch in November like the live-action Star Wars series, The Mandalorian and the Jeff Goldblum docuseries, The World According to Jeff Goldblum. Additionally, the studio is preparing a whole bunch of new shows from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so there's a lot going on at the moment. Deadline was the first to report on the upcoming Lizzie McGuire sequel series on Disney+.