The Lizzie McGuire revival happening on the Disney+ streaming app has hit a major snag and is being delayed indefinitely. That doesn't mean the show is finished. But Disney will need to find a new showrunner before production can get back up and running.

Lizzie McGuire creator Terri Minsky only made it through shooting the first two episodes of the revamped Disney Channel series, which brings Hilary Duff back to her most iconic role. She has officially exited the Disney+ revival, which was supposed to make its way to the new streaming service sometime in 2020. A Disney spokesperson had this to say about Minsky flying the coup.

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"Fans have a sentimental attachment to Lizzie McGuire and high expectations for a new series. After filming two episodes, we concluded that we need to move in a different creative direction and are putting a new lens on the series."

So, for the time being, Disney is officially sighting creative differences with creator Terri Minsky. She was apparently taking the show in an unexpected direction that Disney felt wouldn't be satisfying to longtime fans of the franchise. This despite the fact that Lizzie McGuire was her own character.

The show will bring Hilary Duff back as a content Millennial, nearing 30 and living in New York. She has landed her dream job of being an apprentice to a top designer. She is dating her perfect dream guy. But despite it all, she can't get her younger self out of her head, which we assume will be depicted in the same animation style as the original series.

Hallie Todd, Robert Carradine, Jake Thomas, and Adam Lamberg have all returned for these new episodes, with the show being sold as one of the big incentives for subscribing to Disney+. It probably won't take Disney+ long to find a new showrunner, or showrunners if need be. The production is at a stand still for the time being. And it's possible that once someone new is brought in, the first two episodes will be reshot or retooled to fit the overall themes and narrative of this new take on Lizzie McGuire's life.

Lizzie McGuire is one of several new series heading to Disney+ this year. Subscribers will also be getting two Marvel live-action series with The Falcon and The Winter Solider and WandaVision, as well as The Mandalorian season 2. At this point, it's unclear when we'll see the Lizzie McGuire revival but it may not be until late fall or closer to the holidays. It may make for the perfect Thanksgiving premiere as Disney tries to lure in new subscribers at that time to coincide with Baby Yoda's second go with audiences. This news comes from Baller Alert.