Lindsay Lohan has been cast in a guest-starring role on the HBO comedy series Eastbound & Down in an upcoming Season 4 episode.

The actress is currently shooting in Wilmington, North Carolina, and insiders revealed that she is playing the daughter of a main character (Kenny Powers, perhaps?) who gets married in a wedding scene set several years in the future. It isn't known exactly what episode she is appearing in this season.

We reported in June that Eastbound & Down will come to a close with Season 4, debuting Sunday, September 29 with "Chapter 22".

Season 3 ended with Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) achieving his goal of making it back to major league baseball as a relief pitcher, only to fake his own death and return to his North Carolina hometown. Season 4 is said to take place several years after Season 3, but it isn't known if Lindsay Lohan's wedding episode is set even farther in the future.

Lindsay Lohan most recently guest-starred on an episode of Anger Management and guest-hosted the E! talk show Chelsea Lately.