American Horror Story: Asylum only has two episodes of of spine-tingling terror left this season, with "Continuum" airing Wednesday, January 16 and the season finale "Madness Ends" on Wednesday, January 23, only on FX.

Lily Rabe, who portrays Sister Mary Euince McKee, recently held a conference call to discuss her time on the show. Be warned, if you are not caught up with American Horror Story: Asylum, there will be spoilers contained within.

In "The Name Game" episode two weeks ago, Sister Mary's life came to an end on the show in a most terrifying fashion. The actress spoke about how she viewed the death scene as an assisted suicide.

"I think the death scene, the way (series creator) Ryan (Murphy) and I really talked about it it's really sort of an assisted suicide. Her situation really wasn't survivable in the sense that even if they had done some sort of exorcism or something at that point, we sort of felt that whatever might be left of that girl was so damaged and destroyed and that death sort of became her only way out. Yes, playing that through once the possession happened that was such a wonderful challenge and a sort of dance really to live between with both the lightness and the darkness existing at the same time in that battle and then that losing battle really."

She also spoke about how difficult the cremation scene was to pull off.

"You know the cremation scene was very, very difficult for me. When I read it, I knew I thought, oh, this is going to be tricky, it's going to be a little tough, but it was much harder than I had even imagined it would be. But other than that, you know I really like when I read a scene and it scares me. That sort of makes me excited. I was so even though, yes, lip synching or not really lip synching, singing along with the ear bud or whatever, it was such a thrill and the director sort of gave me the whole room. He just had it set up so that they could shoot the whole room, and I could really have total freedom to do whatever and that's really so much fun, so for the most part I really like when I read a scene that scares me and makes me sweat a little bit thinking about doing it. That's usually a good sign to me."

Sister Mary wasn't the only one who "checked out" of Briarcliff in "The Name Game". James Cromwell's Dr. Arden took his own life as well. Lily Rabe spoke about how she thought it was the perfect ending for this unique love story.

"It seemed so fitting and of course we were always talking about, James Cromwell and I were always sitting around talking about Shakespeare like big theater dorks and so we felt like we'd gotten a nice, Ryan had given us a sort of beautiful Shakespearian ending in a horror story Shakespearian ending. But I think it seemed sort of completely sort of the perfect end to the very, very, very bizarre and complicated and dark love story of sorts. I think for him he really had loved her for so long and been so devoted to her. I can't speak for Jamie, but I feel like that was just maybe the last straw for him."

The actress also talked about finding the realism within the character before diving into other aspects.

"The way that I approached it really was to figure out before we started shooting the most important thing to me was to really figure out who Sister Mary Eunice was and not really worry about the possession or the devil because to me so much of what a possession is is specific to the person. So that to play the sort of dark side or underbelly of someone or their sort of shadow taking over it's really about knowing who that person is before that event has taken place of this dark thing sort of taking over. So it was more about figuring out who she really was through and through."

American Horror Story: Asylum airs "Continuum" Wednesday, January 16 at 10 PM ET on FX.